Mark Emery

MARK EMERY, EFO, a Firehouse® contributing editor, is president of Fire Command LLC in King County, WA. He is a graduate of the National Fire Academy’s Executive Fire Officer (EFO) Program and received a bachelor of arts degree from California State University at Long Beach. Emery authored “Integrated Tactical Accountability,” “The Ten Command-ments of Intelligent and Safe Fireground Operations,” “The Fire Station Pyramid of Success,” “Truss Truce,” “Grading the Fireground on the Curve,” “Building Construction: Anatomy of the Structural Fireground” and numerous other articles. He developed programs that include the “ITAC Command Competency Clinic,” “Essentials of Fire Station Leadership” and “Building Construction: Considerations for Informed Fireground Decisions.” In 2010, he retired as an operations battalion chief with the Woodinville, WA, Fire & Life Safety District to pursue his passion for writing, teaching and fire officer development.