Steve Prziborowski

Steve Prziborowski has over 20 years of fire service experience, currently serving as a deputy chief for the Santa Clara County Fire Department in Los Gatos, CA, where he has worked since 1995. Steve is also an instructor for the Fire Technology Program at Chabot College in Hayward, CA, where he has been instructing fire technology and EMS classes since 1993. Steve was named the 2008 California Fire Instructor of the Year and is a former president of the Northern California Training Officers Association.

Steve is a state-certified chief officer and master instructor, has earned a master's degree in Emergency Services Administration, a bachelor's degree in Criminal Justice, and an associate's degree in Fire Technology. Steve has completed the Executive Fire Officer Program at the National Fire Academy, and has received Chief Fire Officer Designation through the Commission on Professional Credentialing.

Steve is a contributing editor to, a regular speaker and presenter at fire service events and conferences across the country such as Firehouse World and Firehouse Expo, and has authored numerous articles in the leading fire service publications such as Firehouse Magazine. 
Steve recently published three books: "How to Excel at Fire Department Promotional Exams," "Reach for the Firefighter Badge," and "The Future Firefighter's Preparation Guide," all of which are available on his websites below.

Feel free to contact Steve through his websites - and


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