Quinn MacLeod Rick Lynsky

Quinn MacLeod, owner and lead instructor of Integrated Fire Solutions, has been in the fire service since 1985, which includes 20 years on the line with the Parker Colorado Fire District. He is also NWCG qualified as a wildfire Division Supervisor and holds a Fire Science Associate’s Degree and numerous state and national certifications, including Fire Officer and Fire Instructor.


Rick Lynsky currently works as a Battalion Chief for the City of Montebello Fire Department in Southern California.  He started his fire service career in 1982 and has an AS degree fire science and a BA in Public Administration.  He is NWCG qualified as a Division Supervisor and Structure Protection Specialist.

Communicating in the Wildland Urban Interface

Communicating in the Wildland Urban Interface

Wildland Fire Behavior: A Tune-up for Structural Firefighters

Wildland Fire Behavior: A "Tune-up" for Structural Firefighters