Thomas Moody


Fire Captain Thomas Carlo Moody reported for duty at Hazardous Material Operations in Maspeth, Queens last Sept 11th and neither he nor the 18 other men he responded with that fateful day have been heard from since. Tom was 45 years old and he was blessed with a very good life. Tom was very much the family man to his wife Maureen and their four children, Jessica 12, Erin 11, Sean 8 and Deirdre 5. He always took the time to be with them and he could often be seen on the athletic field coaching them or cheering them on. He was the "Favorite Uncle" of his nieces and nephews.

Tom was baptized at Our Lady of Sorrow Church in Corona, Queens, raised in Brentwood, LI and made his home in Stony Brook. He comes from a family of firefighters, his father Charles and Uncle William were both NY city firefighters and they passed their tradition down to Tom and his brothers, Frank and Michael, all of whom joined the NYC Fire Department. He was also very studious, in a quiet, modest way. He held a chemical engineering degree from SUNY Buffalo and a professional engineering certification from the state. He also taught fire science and hazardous material training at Suffolk Community college. Captain Thomas Moody is sorely missed by all who knew and loved him.