John Napolitano


John was married and the father of two girls, his wife's name is Anne, his daughters are Elizabeth age 6, and Emma Rose age 3.

John began his career as a volunteer Junior Firefighter with the Lakeland Fire Department in Ronkonkoma, New York, he became its youngest Chief, and then Chief of the Department, and then one of Lakeland's Commissioners. John was a certified Paramedic and was also Scuba trained for water rescue.John had 16 yrs with Lakeland and 10 yrs with the FDNY. John was an excellent Firefighter, but more important he was an excellent husband and father.

I love my boy very much and was always so proud of the man that he was. John was so loved by his friends and he had a wonderful sense of humor, I miss his smile so much. I could have told my son a hundred times a day how much I loved him, and it still wouldn't have been enough. I may not see my son anymore, but he is always with me. I close my eyes and I see the great man that he became, but I can still hear the childhood laughter, I can still feel the weight of a baby in my arms, the firm handshake of a man, watching him cradle his own babies is a sight that I will forever be grateful. My time with my son was much too short, but for that time I had more than I deserved or could hope for, I had the greatest son, he was my best friend. I will be proud of my son forever, and I will love him even longer.

--John Napolitano (John's Father)