John Chipura


John Chipura, a Beirut veteran (24th MAU HQ) and a member of our online community of Beirut veterans and family members, is also a NYC fireman and has been missing since 11 Sept 2001. It is believed that he was one of the first to respond to the WTC tragedy and may have been affected by the resultant collapse of the building. John was also near the explosion on 23 Oct, 1983 and participated in the Beirut Marine Barracks rescue operations. Our hearts go out to his family and fiancee. He was soon to be married, in a month or so. Please say a prayer for John and his family.

JOHN CHIPURA, 39, of New York, was a city firefighter looking forward to getting married. He met his fiancee, Gina DeFalco, through a friend in the department. “Getting married was the sole focus of his being for the last few months,” said his brother, Gerard Chipura. “He was 39 years old and finally found the right girl. He held her so close to his heart.” A former Marine, Chipura started out in 1987 as a New York police officer. But he followed in the footsteps of his late father and joined the fire department, graduating from firefighter training three years ago. Gerard Chipura said his brother was always trying to help people. “He wanted to make everybody happy. He didn't want anybody to be upset,” he said.