Firehouse Contributor

Pat King

PAT KING, NREMT, has been a member of the Oklahoma City. OK, Fire Department (OCFD) since 1992 and is currently a major at Station 18. He has served in various capacities within the fire service, including EMS training officer, OCFD Dive Team member and fire academy instructor. King has taught EMS and fire-related courses since 1995, including instructor and paramedic courses at Career Technology Centers in Central Oklahoma and is a licensed EMS educator. In addition to his full-time duties with OCFD, he joined the Oklahoma Office of Homeland Security (OKOHS) staff in 2008 as National Incident Management System (NIMS) compliance officer. Troy German of the Oklahoma Highway Patrol (OHP) and Johnny Vaughn of OKOHS also contributed to this article. Part one was in the December 2013 issue and part two was in the January issue.