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  1. Hate is a strong word... but this constitutes it
  2. Dont let this happen to you
  3. DelMarVa? Anyone from DE, MD, or VA?
  4. tell me......
  5. 10 codes
  6. Smoking? Should cadets or firefighters smoke?
  7. How did you get involved in the Fire service?
  8. Junior Leader or Officer
  9. A little off subject, but anybody with WinMX HELP!!!
  10. 3000 Degrees (Book)
  11. Come on now, new topics please!
  12. National Association of Fire Explorers
  13. Cadet Web Sites!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. Place to shop...
  15. I Have Some Good News!!!
  16. Happy Easter
  17. wethersfield fire cadets
  18. What kind of pager do you carry!!!
  19. what will you do??
  20. What is/should be the role of a Jr. FF / Explorer?
  21. JuniorFirefighters/Cadets/Explorers/ Getting Involved?
  22. Recruitment/Retention...Is this a problem??
  23. Responce time at night. What do you experience?
  24. Live fire training? What do your rules say?
  25. What color is your turnout gear?
  26. Can you wear your pager in school?
  27. Is there any junoir's out there that do extrication on calls?
  28. how many exlorers are in your post??
  29. how many times do your post meet on a month?
  30. what do you like to do most at the firehouse?
  31. can you respond?
  32. hispanic explorers in the post..
  33. What is the time limit/cerfew for cadets according to your bylaws?
  34. What Kind Of Uniforms?
  35. They are going to build 3 WTC towers?
  36. How did you do it? (help me out)
  37. Hear you recipes ?
  38. What is Explorer Website?
  39. Population, What is the population of your fire district?
  40. Flirt like a firefighter!
  41. need help starting jr. program
  42. Warning lights???
  43. Wethersfield Fire Cadet Web Site
  44. Explorer Advisor Questions
  45. Working with the system
  46. Anyone want to participate in training in California.
  47. What kind of equipment does your volunteer department have?
  48. Radio Systems
  49. Great Class!!!
  50. What does everyone think of the 5-in-1 tool?
  51. What Do you Want?
  52. When you get a Fire or Accident, how does it go across the scanner?
  53. Water Supply for Your Department
  54. What do firefighters do when they're not firefighting?
  55. To Arms, Join The Fight
  56. This forum needs some life! How to get more people on this forum?
  57. Job Well Done...
  58. Civil Air Patrol?????
  59. How close do you guys get to your fellow firefighters?
  60. Just wondering: what type of does your department get most?
  61. National Firefighter Day
  62. Wethersfield Fire Cadet Web Page
  63. Wondering: As a junior how do you know of a call? Pager, sirens, scanner, or ??
  64. Need Help
  65. BIG PRORLEM! What do you think?
  66. Explorers Weekend at Montour Falls, NY
  67. What do you carry on/in your turnout gear/bunker gear?
  68. Hey Everyone!
  69. Has Anyone gone to the Explorers Weekend in Montour Falls, NY?
  70. What was the reason you joined the explorer/cadet/jr. firefighter program?
  71. IMPORTANT: I need to know about ride alongs! PLEASE Read & Respond!
  72. How many females are take part in your cexplorer program?
  73. Any cadets from Maryland want to interact with my cadet program for ideas and help?
  74. What does your prgram do for money? What fundraisers do you do? Please read/respond!
  75. Donating used Apparatus
  76. Recruiting in Riverside CA Explorer Post
  77. question
  78. explorers and Jr. explorers
  79. Training Ideas
  80. paying for certs
  81. Legal question about the Explorers Program
  82. does any explorers have there EMT cert.
  83. Does anybody have a Laibility form for Ride-alnogs?
  84. What Do you Other Juniors Do At a Call?
  85. Scholarships for Explorers?
  86. labor laws for junior ff
  87. Sleeping at FH and Probation Period.
  88. Any interesting Junior EMS stories?
  89. wethersfield fire cadet website
  90. Credits Towards Joining?
  91. success
  92. Like Listening to Sirens, Hear This
  93. What FF think of explorer posts
  94. Citizen Corps
  95. Images
  96. T-Shirts
  97. Grants or Funds for Explorer Posts
  98. Dont want to make a post, just want to ride w/ local dept.
  99. How to get the cheif to let you pick your gear.
  100. Dont want to make a post, just want to ride with a local department
  101. New Forums
  102. Southflorida Firefighters
  103. question for Jr's in NJ
  104. Low Manpower.. A Big Deal in the FF Life.
  105. Ohio State Fire Explorers Training Academy
  106. Explorers with radio's?
  107. Any Arkansas Posts
  108. Chat
  109. Any one from S. Florida
  110. got suspended need help
  111. SOP's for Jr.'s
  112. Junior Officers?
  113. Ben 2 Plus Helmets
  114. Training Ideas
  115. FDNY Statue
  116. Fire Explorers Responding to Medical Emergencies In School
  117. Explorer/Cadet Competitions
  118. What can eveybody else do?
  119. Explorers
  120. Explorers
  121. Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0
  122. Explorers or jr. firefighters
  123. help
  124. Selling a VHF Motorola Minitor II
  125. Post 53 in Florida, pushing limit or saving lives?
  126. Post 53 in Ct, pushing limit or saving lives?
  127. first run
  128. What do people think of FF in your area?
  129. Who has a Explorer/Cadet Website???
  130. jr firefighter rights
  131. jr.ff. training ideas
  132. How Many Posts are there in the Midwest
  133. what kind of trainng should jr's have?
  134. Input Please -- New WTC Towers
  135. Warning Lights in Alabama
  136. Junior Memebers Sleeping in the Fire House
  137. First Call of 2002
  138. What can we do?
  139. No Junior programs....need help!!!
  141. what can you do on a fire scene
  142. Hand tools training materials HELP!
  143. New Jersey Warning Light Laws
  145. Pagers and calls
  146. JR. firefighting
  147. Terrorism Drills?
  148. Fires on Christmas?
  149. Merry Christmas!
  150. Explorer Muster
  151. FIRST TIME PUTTING ON AN AIR PAK.How did you get over your fears?
  152. Please Help w/ Interesting Drills
  153. down time
  154. Kansas Explorers
  155. Fireground Rehab
  156. cadets/explorers
  157. wethersfield fire cadet web site
  158. The Color of Your Apparatus
  159. Sherriff explorer's usefull? :eek:
  160. Weirdest Responses
  161. Explorer Saftey Issue's
  162. opps!!!sorry!! please delete this post!!!
  163. By-laws for explorere post
  164. Basic Training
  165. Buisiest Ride Along Days
  166. The Bravest
  167. Explorer Academy's
  168. I'm starting an exploring post, need help
  169. Hazardous Materials Training
  170. insurance
  171. Junior/Explorer Election Results
  172. Fireground SOPs
  173. Explorer Mock Disasters
  174. Explorer Websites
  175. Fire Fighting posters
  176. Training with Airpacks, Please read
  177. How to deal with Fatals
  178. looking for some help
  179. fdnyexplorer member #17929 please read and reply
  180. Parade/Dress Uniforms
  182. Career Advice
  183. LA city bunker gear
  184. Minitor Pagers in PG County
  185. Bunker Gear
  186. Which Type of Aerial Ladder do you Prefer?
  187. SOP/SOG
  188. explorers..need ideas......kids fire academy
  189. Boy Scouts and truck riding
  190. NYC Queens Plane Crash, what do you think?
  191. Explorer Training
  192. Minitor 3
  193. other brothers in jail
  194. Updating Explorer SOPS
  195. Your Most Memorable Call???
  196. fire department pagers
  197. Anybody going to NYC?
  198. FireFighters from New Hampshire?
  199. Helmets
  200. Do you want a website like firehouse.com for cadets of The U.S.? Please Read/Respond
  201. i have a question for everyone. why do we volly? u can only use one word though.
  202. certification
  203. Memorial Service
  204. College Firefighting?
  205. school programs
  206. Juniors
  207. Any Firefighters from NJ
  208. Bioterrorist Attack
  209. Explorer posts in greater Chicago area?
  210. FDNY Memorial T-shirt
  211. Preparing for a career in firefighting
  212. Junior Firefighter Websites??
  213. newbie over here
  214. Ohio Explorers/Jrs
  215. Graduation Project
  216. for sale: motorola p1225 vhf 16 channel portable radio
  217. I need some help persuading my local firechief
  218. Starting JR Dept
  219. Starting Explorers & Citizen Fire Academy
  220. Leather forever?
  221. Terrorism Response PowerPoints
  223. Minitors
  224. Junior FireFighter Questions
  225. Are Jr. firefighters between 14-16 allowed to drill?
  226. Ben 2 Plus's
  227. Taking entrance Exam in BC Canada
  228. How to?
  229. A Message for NYC Fire Fighters & EMS
  230. Lost Brothers
  231. Lost Brothers in NYC
  232. A Northern Ireland Veteran's Words
  234. Operational Guidelines for JRs
  235. What type of calls
  236. MSA,Scott,Cairns. Globe,Janesville,Securitex. Bullard,CarinsBro. What do you use?
  238. Your Role Model
  239. First Structure Fire
  240. New Explorer Post needs YOUR help!
  241. fire science courses
  242. I need I pager.
  243. internships
  244. Senior HS students w/ pagers in school
  245. Why is this a competition?
  246. Injuries and medical bills, who pays?
  247. Arizona Explorer/ Cadet Departments
  248. Looking for Junior helment crescents
  249. Pierce's Website
  250. leaving work for calls?