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  1. Seminole Fla (City)--Firefighters Files Discrimination Charges
  2. Talk about a language barrier
  3. Birthday Girl
  4. Safe and Caring Schools??
  5. Moron of the week
  6. Found Code for Starry Night Software
  7. Ocala Fla--City Covers Shortfall in Pension Fund
  8. Venice Fla--Off Duty Firefighter Charged with Assault
  9. something to think about
  10. Ohhhhhh MOTOWN!!!!! You have some words to eat!!!!
  11. French's Mustard Disclaimer
  12. A fellow Gonzo helps out
  13. Why do squrriels........
  14. www. Crap-in-a-can.com Does anyone not appreciate backdoor telemarketing?
  15. Alive and Well (Maybe)
  16. Have a Nice Day!
  17. Chicago question
  18. the big dogs
  19. Civilians are fun
  20. IACOJ Question
  21. I.a.c.o.j?
  22. Annoying trainees
  23. Book "Heart Behind the Hero" Paperback Price
  24. Canada has WMD!!!
  25. 10 reasons why Canada won't join the war (funny)
  26. Golden Gophers
  28. Clearwater Fla--F/F Union and City at odds over pay raises
  29. I'm tired of this .....
  30. I bet you never seen this before!!!!!!!
  31. Eeeekkkkkkkk Say It Isn't True
  32. ....MONKEY???? DID YOU SAY "MONKEY"?!!!
  33. Happy Easter
  34. if there is some downtime
  35. Celebs true colors
  36. Helllllllppppppp!!!!!!
  37. What is W.O.T.
  38. Fire jobs?
  39. In Case We Forgot....
  40. Orange County Fla--Firefighters and County at Impasse over Salary
  41. Florida--Sprinkler Laws Under Fire by Builders
  42. Things could always be worse, but not as bad as others have it....
  43. something to ponder...
  44. Lakeland Fla---Smokey--Fire Department Mascot Passes Away
  45. ST. Lucie County Fla--Dept Gets New Rescue Chopper
  46. Oakland Park Fla--Firefighter Charged with Drug Sales
  47. New Iraqi city names
  48. The FEMA Derby: Place your bets!
  49. Man tries holdup, gets laughed out of bank
  50. Sign of times--Tampa Fla--Live Fire Training makes TIA passengers uneasy
  51. "Bubbleheaded bleach-blonde, comes on at fiiiive, talk about the plane crash...
  52. Any Firefighters From Malta?
  53. 3 years......
  54. Child visitation for firefighters?
  55. Looking for patches/// hats etc
  56. World Police and Fire Games 2003
  57. "Boy, this ****es me off!!", "This is SICK!!", "Prejudice/HATE are BAD
  58. Did you remember to buy one?
  59. Baseball
  60. Happy Birthday IACOJ!
  61. Please read
  62. Things Not To Say When You are Pulled Over
  63. Sticky: Honey, fly strips, jelly, duct tape, glue, Maple syrup, Def Leppard (Pour...
  64. One tough woman: WV, be proud!
  65. Need a name for our walkathon group
  66. It's not even Thanksgiving...
  67. This product is proven to make you smarter or your clams will be refunded...
  68. UPDATED Website
  69. It is my privilige to extend a laurel and hearty handshake to our new........
  70. Probie Pranks
  71. Librals another miss understood president needs your help.
  72. Donny Osmond and Pro Wrestler Hulk Hogan protest against America!!??
  73. An I.A.C.O.J. Fairy Tale for the kiddies....**Evil Grin** (Have fun!!)
  74. Colin Powell Quote
  75. Our own weruj1 goes legit!
  76. Happy Birthday Mikef25!!!
  77. April Fool's day jokes
  78. An online Fire department
  79. Can You See The Difference?
  80. Chat Room help needed
  81. Peter Arnett
  82. Adze.........
  83. New Master Card Commercial
  84. Ohiovolffemtp, ITS YOUR BIRTHDAY TODAY
  85. Iacoj??????????
  86. Pic of me at a fire
  87. Time is Money
  88. Gun Control
  89. Lmfao
  90. Confused Protesters
  91. Fellow Iraqi Countrymen
  92. Cell Phones in Iraq
  93. On the lighter side
  94. Firehouse Lights
  95. Drkblram is going to be sooooo jealous!!!
  96. The American fighting man.
  97. Boycot Pepsi
  98. What was your academy like?
  99. The lighter Side of Life
  100. Bravo Webteam!
  101. battle the barrel
  102. Palm Beach Gardens Fla--City and Fire Union at odds over contract
  103. Fire Fighters everywhere are our family
  104. Alberta Premier supports US
  105. Morrighan's return.........only we're not the Celts...
  106. Happy Birthday MIKEYLIKESIT!
  107. We Warned Ya...
  108. Stinking French and the frog Chirac
  109. Miami Fla--Top Emergency Manager Dismissed
  110. I know who I'm calling next time I get arrested!
  111. Even MORE "Support" From the Northern Neighbors
  112. No Sh@*!
  113. Green Cove Springs Fla--Fire Chief Resigns to head Emergency Mgt.
  114. Manatee Fla--2 months= 2 Fire Chiefs Dismissed
  115. Ocala Fla--Deputy Steps up to Be New Fire Chief
  116. Arcadia Fla--Fire Dept makes history--Hire 1st Female Firefighter
  117. Happy Birthday MalahatTwo7
  118. Got Your Back....
  119. Earthquake in France.....
  120. It is the Soldier...
  121. Where is Airborne?
  122. why Saddam has to go
  123. Name that song.
  124. Web page
  125. FDNY E-277 L-112
  126. Support from our Northern Neighbor
  127. 10,943 Reasons
  128. 3-17-1987
  129. Good article on MSNBC (Iraq related)
  130. History Lesson
  131. Blix unplugged on MTV
  132. Is that a friggin' MONKEY in a Lexus?????
  133. Third Gen?
  134. WWII Vet Returns Medal to France
  135. And you thought your mayor was bad...
  136. Attention protesters...
  137. Deerfield Beach Fla---Bicycle Paramedics Start to Patrol
  138. Mutt Alert-country Music
  139. A Fireman's Little Girl
  140. Why I love the Times, #3 (this one's short!)
  141. Why I love the Times, #2
  142. Why I love the The London Times, #1
  143. Good article re: France's position
  144. Firehouse dog wannabe
  145. Where will you rate?
  146. click on link,see how good you are
  147. New Idea for Warfighting
  148. dog in another's clothing...
  149. Army Or Marines
  150. Boooored
  151. WVFD New Message Board for Firefighters
  152. @*@#%*&!! Thats Gonna Leave A Mark!!!!!!
  153. Going to F.D.I.C.?
  154. Can You Believe The Nerve Of Some People???
  156. Fire/EMS
  157. anyone here on chicago FD or has visited chicago? need help!!!
  158. Kiwi, were you in Norway?
  160. How Is This For An Embarrassing "Bad Day"?
  161. Tanker 5117
  162. "Firemen Beware!"
  163. The three wise men
  164. Cape Coral Fla--Firefighter Arrested for Burgular is fired
  165. Florida Cracks down on Fire Code Violations
  166. Stuart Fla--Firefighter Accused of Harassing Teen
  167. Englewood Fla---Convicted Arsonist goes to Jail
  168. New Port Richey Fla--Commission approves Fire Impact Fees
  169. Daytona Beach Fla--Veteran Named to Deputy Chief Slot
  170. Pinellas Park Fla--Firefighter develops Newborn Kit for "Safe Haven"
  171. British Media Perspective
  172. The new secret weapon...
  173. and they can go days without water...
  174. CBS - 60 Minutes II and The Station fire
  175. Death Of A Real War Hero... At Age 103!!!
  176. Message From Rspct
  177. Upcomming WAR!
  178. Brenna1 Please Stop your annoying.
  179. So... What Did You Do During Your Visit To India???
  180. This One Just Blows My Mind
  181. Idiots
  182. Here we go again
  183. Having a bad day????? ....... HAVE I got the solution for you !!!!
  184. I Wonder How They Came To This Conclusion?
  188. Dear Office of Homeland Security
  189. What would you have done
  190. The Things WE do
  191. In OUR Name!!!!
  192. A message from NJ-from the land of palm trees
  194. Some Good News In The New Today
  195. I Heard This From The Ops Guys First...
  196. A three year old's best friend......
  197. What Causes A Person To Do This???
  198. These people need to be stoped
  199. 9000 bytes
  200. Training responsibilities and department politics, I'd like your opinion
  201. Not again
  202. Ouch
  203. I Have An Training/safety Officer Level Question....
  204. Fantasy Baseball
  205. New Aide Memoire???
  206. Well It's Final.... They Moved
  207. 25 days until St Patricks Day
  208. This Just In From Deepest, Darkest.....
  209. Circumcised By ....wwwhhhhhhaaaaaatt?????
  210. Happy Birthday SmokeEater
  211. How did we let our world get so back assword?
  212. Look out Osama ........ here we come ....
  213. Beer Cooling... Kiwi style
  214. If you won powerball...
  215. Protesters
  216. Opinions Needed
  217. A New Kind Of Super Hero????
  218. IACOJ Membership
  219. Just Lay Back And Do What The Nice Firefighters Tell You To Do....
  220. Chicago Police cruiser accident with a bus and car ?
  221. War?Terrorism?Micheal Jackson?....Nooo I have a REEAALL issue...
  222. "Crossing Over"...the line of good taste
  223. Ok, how cold were you this morning New England?
  224. Why didn't I think of this sooner.... IACOJ VALENTINE'S DAY PARTY!!!!!
  225. OK now this ****es me OFF
  226. Tomorrow is the holiday of love, what could make someone do something awful like this
  227. PA - Can someone explain how this happens?
  228. What Can An Engineer With Too Much Time On His Hands Do?
  229. Snowmobile Rage??? What Will They Think Of Next?
  230. website
  231. Snow Plows? We Do'n Need No Steenk'n Snow Plows....
  232. "we Would Rather Do Business With 1000 Al Qaeda Terrorists......
  233. Not Sure If This Is A Good Idea... But Whatever Makes Ya Happy I Guess
  234. Eastkyff, Did Any Of Your Guys Have Something To Do With This???
  235. Hotmail for firefighters
  236. Like finding a lost child
  237. Fellow crusties; your attention please....
  238. IT looks like he is going to get off the hook again.
  239. More Of "what We Are Called Upon To Do..." - Lafd Style.
  240. Navy JROTC
  241. Happy 18th Co11FireGal
  242. hi ho hi ho, it's off to New York I go
  243. Hillsborough County Fla--Firefighter To Receive White House Recognition for Rescue
  244. For those who asked........ an update on the saga of my truck....
  245. A different crust
  246. political satire
  247. Happy Birthday E40FDNYL35!
  248. Happy Waitangi Day
  249. This British are coming... the British are coming...
  250. New Future Firefighter