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  1. Happy 227th birthday United States Marine Corps and all my fellow leathernecks!
  2. Calling all Crusty's and not so Crusty's ...
  3. Paper bag smilie
  4. "Rescue Unit"
  5. The Slowest New York Marathon
  6. MUTTS banned from TV ads!
  7. Fired Fire Chief
  8. New Rig
  9. Ok Sports Fans....
  10. Another Florida Election SNAFU--(close to home)
  11. FDNY lawsuit
  12. Motowns Big News
  13. Memorial Tattoos
  14. November 19th Full Beaver Moon
  15. Cheffie would be a winner at World FF Games
  16. Indian Rocks Florida--IAFF Local seeks to replace incumbants
  17. Interest in Firefighting Jobs soars in Florida
  18. Happy Halloween!!!!
  19. Happy Birthday Pfire!!
  20. pray for me please
  21. Hhhhheeeeeellllllooooooo Kentucky
  22. Health Advisory
  23. Calif. brother needs our prayers
  24. There are grateful people out there
  25. How longo without Mongo?
  26. Hey Chief!!
  27. This Truck Is On Fire!
  28. Happy Birthday Chief Reason
  29. Inglewood & videotape....whatever happened to?
  30. A message of appreciation for Chief Moose...and ALL the others
  31. Oviedo Florida--Firefighters Offer Safe Haven for Baby
  32. Edgewater Fla--Former Firefighters Sue Department
  33. Florida...Prison Guard Charged With Arson
  34. 911, what is your emergency? Uh, m'am...Um, I have a man stuck in our chimney?
  35. Law Enforcement brother dead-Indirect victim of sniper attacks
  36. Truck lands on two cars
  37. Woman reunited with man who saved her siblings from fire 61 years ago
  38. Tennessee Training Facility Opens
  39. "Safe Haven" Bill coming to Mass.?
  40. OJ is OK
  41. Meth Labs on the Move!!
  42. A belated Happy Birthday Stayback
  43. Anyone from Tennessee, Alabama or Georgia in here?
  44. Yo!!! Webteam!!!!!!!!!
  45. Laughing to bank for FDNY kin
  46. This important message about Budweiser!
  47. Ironman Triathlon and an FDNY brother
  48. Gas Masks...Hey, Getcha Gas Masks heah!
  49. This week's "STUPID MOVE" Award
  50. A burn victim's touching story
  51. I just can't make up stuff like this....Good Grief!
  52. Band Of Brothers
  53. B Shift Holloween
  54. They're doing us proud!!!
  55. St. Lucie Fla..Off-Duty Crash Brings DUI Charges for Firefighter
  56. Sumter County Florida--Political Candidate Takes Shots at New Fire Service
  57. Georgia residents concerned with fire services
  58. Ohio Firefighter-AIDS
  59. Acountability check-Steamer and Temptaker????
  60. Okay let'shearit..Need Sweatshirt Opinons...
  61. Roll Call at Jeremy's
  62. Monty Python Or True To Life?
  63. Dunedin Florida--Fire Dept battles turnover rate
  64. Jacksonville Firefighters Play Politics
  65. Flagler Beach Florida--Chief Steps Down Amid Controversy
  66. Why is it so hard to do?
  67. Another Calendar=Another Debate in Florida
  68. Happy Thanksgiving to all you danged Canucks!!
  69. Hey...New Yawk, Get The Picture???
  70. Something For The Serious And The Not So Serious Minded
  71. Spring Hill Florida--Fire Department Works Towards Independance
  72. The Worcester 6 Memorial
  73. IACOJ Schedule Change
  74. Ceromonies in D.C.
  75. Daytona Beach Florida Launches Nationwide Search for Police and Fire Chief
  76. Rescue Hoax
  77. This fire took it's toll....$1.25
  78. Kissimmee Florida--Search for New Fire Chief Begins
  79. Chevrolet 350 vs 327
  80. Orlando Florida--Firefighter Clears of Mis-use of Credit Card
  81. Deltona Fla--Firefighter's transport decision on EMS call re-ignites controversy
  82. Political Candidates Pledge to DUMP Fire Chief
  83. Brooksville Florida--Fire Chief Suffers Heart Attack
  84. Were you chasing the "FIREBALL" in the sky?
  85. Beer Issue...about to come to a head in Iowa
  86. "Show me the money"...sez Vermont
  87. A Journey....Arkansas to Washington
  88. Cows
  89. Vegetarian Firefighters?
  90. Oct. 12 meeting at Jeremy's Time/Directions
  91. Go Byrd!
  92. Pokin' at bees' with sticks!
  93. No matter how bad your day is going...
  94. Until we meet again.
  95. Swift Falls Fire finds residents indifferent
  96. Heck...they shoulda just asked superchef!
  97. Deerfield Beach Florida--Firefighter fights for re-instatement
  98. Kiwi-Congratulations! The Guinness is on me
  99. Oh no!!! More flying squirrels?
  100. Brotherhood Exemplified-Wall Township, NJ
  101. Fried Lice...no kidding!
  102. March 28, 1917...and finally together!
  103. 5" L.d.h.
  104. Somethings missing this morning..............
  105. COLLEGE-coming to a firehouse near you?
  106. Ontario - Tired of Tires & Fires
  107. Fundraiser Held-FDNY & Worcester FF's
  108. Worcester, Mass- FF widows lawsuit
  109. Ohio-False Alarms prove costly
  110. Just to think about
  111. Miami Florida--Firefighter dismissed for alleged conduct
  112. FF killed responding to fire he set
  113. hep. c from ground zero
  114. Iacoj
  115. what are the chances??
  116. Tarpon Springs Florida--Fire Chief Candidates Interviewed
  117. Ocala Florida, Fire Chief Resigns
  118. Come Quick...the BREWERY is on FIRE!
  119. Woman FF sues City & Co-Workers
  120. Pennsylvania to vote on Funds
  121. Life just not worth living
  122. Polk County Florida..Fire Protection Knows NO Boundaries
  123. Advice, or other...
  124. Campfires Banned, Along With Bra Burning, Flag Burning....
  126. Lauderdale Fl--Firefighter loses bias suit
  127. Port Orange Florida--City Shakes up Fire Department
  128. Leesburg Florida--New Fire Chief Appointed
  129. Florida--3 Cities combine Emergency Dispatch Center
  130. Milton Florida...VFD Pleads for new facility
  131. Um, er...uh...How do I title this?
  132. Gator bite is Grizzly!
  133. In need of help here!!!
  134. Let's Hear It For the CFL
  135. I don't know whether to be impressed, disturbed or ******ed off..
  136. Very cool movie
  137. Meeting night. Sunday 2000hrs EST) IACOJ
  138. Florida Retirements
  139. Party!
  140. Golf!
  141. Do you have a Mascot ?
  142. B.m.i. Alert!!
  143. IAFF brothers need a room
  144. Doctor Fireman
  145. The week that woz.
  146. Happy birthday Smiley! What would the Net be without you....
  147. Now Who Said We Should Not Legalize "pot" Growing???
  148. A day in the life....Wilmer, Alabama
  149. A letter from Jiffy
  150. A toast! I made Major!
  151. Mmmmmmmmmmyyyyyyyy Wwwwaaaaaaayyyyyy!!!!!!!!
  152. When The Urge Hits, Any Conference Room Will Do?
  153. 72 years old with 43 years of Service--Firefighter Retires
  154. Aint this the Truth today
  155. No toilet, no shower....DC Engine Co. 20
  156. Someone Of The Canine Persuasion Or Someone Who Needs Help?
  157. NYC in February
  158. Hydrant Restoration
  159. Hang him high!
  160. Avatars
  161. Call to Mass. fire dept.'s for helmets
  162. Monroe County Florida--New Fire Chief on Board..His Thoughts
  163. Pasco County Fl--Firefighter/Military Reservist in a bind
  164. Oh God...not the movie!
  165. Left out in the COLD....
  166. The Adventures of Rocky. Bullwinkle and the flying Firefighter
  167. Need help on this one!
  168. 2003 Calendars
  169. DC in October
  170. Detroit E-54 Goodies
  171. Motel owner arrested, accused of torching own lodge
  172. A "Chili" reception in Iowa!
  173. Accountability Check! Attempting to locate Rescue2Bob, and Mongofire_99
  174. Relaxing stress reliever
  175. Something A Little Less Serious
  176. Lessons learned as a kid
  177. In Memory of our 343 Brothers....1 year later
  178. ****Firefighter charged with CRIMINALLY NEGLIGENT HOMICIDE****
  179. Oh..what a tangled web we weave...when we practice to deceive!
  180. Air Defense in DC
  181. To my freinds on the eve of 9/11
  182. We Are Professionals, But Some Things Should Never Be Done At Home
  183. Bonita Springs Florida--Fire Board Challenged
  184. Key West Florida--New Fire Chief Appointed
  185. Lake Butler Florida--Arrest made for Conspiracy to Commit Arson
  186. Community Emergency Response Teams
  187. Detroit-Homeland Security
  189. Anyone else have a "crazy" girlfriend/boyfriend?
  190. Steamer, Happy Birthday to you......may your day be filled with pints of Guinness
  191. Not fire-related, but.........
  192. GO KIWI's
  193. help iacoj explorer need help
  194. New IACOJ Postion
  195. Attn. Mass firefighters Anthrax warning..
  196. Its a bad day when all you do is fight-
  197. IAFF Fallen Fire Fighter Memorial Ceremony
  198. Florida--Another City/County Relationship in Jeopardy
  199. Marlborough Jakes honored!
  200. Collecting FD patches for Wall
  201. Screwed???
  202. 9-11 Memorial Tv Programming
  203. Puppy Love
  204. Well...look who has a birthday today.
  205. Utah Incident
  206. Set Ablaze
  207. FDNY Cook and Ladder
  208. I know most of you crustys like to read...
  209. Firefighters and City at Odds over Salary
  210. Lauderdale Lakes Fl--Mutual Aid/Response Agreement Under Scrutiny
  211. George Pickett's book--"The Brave"
  212. FF nailed-( literally)
  213. The Great Montana Sheep Drive-Kiwi would be proud!
  214. Tenn. Fire Academy funding
  215. Jerry Lewis-IAFF
  216. IACOJ - The Quasi List
  217. Justice Department Revises LODD Decision in Florida
  218. college football
  219. Book Search: 20,000 Alarms- Would Like A Copy...
  220. shoulder flashes or tee shirts
  221. MDA toll road...or getting wet and $$$ for the cause
  222. PA Fire Funding
  223. Miami Florida--Firefighter Fashion Show
  224. Hey Motown... Scarlet and Gray. Whatcha think?
  225. Pennsylvania -Emergency Service Funding
  226. 2002 IACOJ Explorer Draft
  227. Mary J. Wanna cannabis?
  228. Benefit Golf Tournament
  229. Clearwater Florida--Union Officials and City Disagree
  230. Florida Fire Chief Suspended
  231. Tempie...Cheffie...make sure all the gentlemen properly pitch their tents..K?
  232. Motown, I'm truly touched.
  233. Aussies and Kiwis...may the force be with you!
  234. WWE SummerSlam!
  235. Compony origin?
  236. Ladder Truck involved in fatal
  237. Mentoring Program for IACOJ explorers.
  238. Fire Commissioner Resigns--Lealman Florida
  239. Fire Chief in North Naples Florida Under Fire
  240. Key West Florida--Fire Dept Improves Response Capabilities
  241. Hillsborough County Fla, Extrication Team Competes in Nationals
  242. IAFF Local Issues No Confidence Vote, Port Orange Fla.
  243. Volunteers and the long arm of the IRS
  244. Lumpy649, Where are you?
  245. Logan airport?
  246. ATTN: IACOJ Explorer's
  247. We'll miss you...
  248. Congratulate me!!
  249. IACOJ meeting nights.
  250. I'm back!