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  1. Passed Fitness, now on to the Written Exam.
  2. Interview this week.. one question im kind of worried about.
  3. hard time passing written exam!!
  4. Polygraph Testing
  5. Workout routine!
  6. CPAT advice needed
  7. PAT Anxiety
  8. Officer tests: What might one find on a typical written test?
  9. Is this an effective CPAT training regimen?
  10. Why do you want to become a firefighter?
  11. CPAT in Pa?
  12. Another topic about getting in shape
  13. Oral interview
  14. Formation Running & Proper Form
  15. Unaffiliated member in wildland fire training
  16. 14' Roof Ladder
  17. Do fire fighters smoke cigs?
  18. IFSAC Fire I & II for 6th edition essentials
  19. Anyone have trouble with spirometry tests?
  20. CPAT Stepmill advice ...
  21. Virginia Beach Fire Shows Lack Of Class
  22. san jose ca fire department interveiw questions
  23. Getting ready for Fire I?
  24. Mechanical Apitiude
  25. Getting out of the Marines and looking at Philly FD
  26. Cal Fire HFEO performance exam
  27. Need tips
  28. Advice Wanted...Needed
  29. Looking for some advice.
  30. Has anyone ever had issues with there X-Ray during a Dept. medical for a Fire Job?
  31. Moving on after the CPAT? (Charlotte, NC)
  32. Common Oral Board Questions
  33. The Polygraph: Should You Lie?
  34. Fire 1 Midterm
  35. What is the leading cause of injury for firefighters?
  36. Biddle Question
  37. Fire Inspector Certification
  38. Can I Become a Firefighter?
  39. 6_,216,1232,23564,77843..etc.. ??? can you help explain?
  40. can you help me develope a routine?
  41. brushing up on math
  42. Florida fire inspector exam
  43. Oral Board Interview Drilling Phoenix/Mesa Metro Area
  44. Cpat
  45. Explaining resignation
  46. Firefighter FB page about fitness
  47. Psych test prep
  48. Fire Academy Recognition
  49. Workouts?
  50. how would you answer this?
  51. Cadences for Fire Academy
  52. National Testing Network
  53. Testing tools
  54. Can I take exam without being fully qualified?
  55. Personality questions
  56. Pre-Hospital Care Administraion, 2nd Edition by Fitch
  57. For sale keiser force machine replica
  58. PAT Maintenance Test Question
  59. Training question
  60. Another "How Should I Have Answered Question"
  61. How Would You Answer This Question?
  62. Too Old??? Testing advice!!
  63. Name a Work Out after the Fallen Heroes
  64. The Secret to CPAT Video just released
  65. Can One Become a CPAT Proctor or PFT Without Being a Firefighter?
  66. Battling Hose
  67. Structured Interview
  68. Firefighter Crossfit Work Outs
  69. Planning to move from Florida to California. What should I do about education?
  70. Columbus fire dept, supplemental polygraph?
  71. Florida Fire Officer 1 Exam
  72. Florida Fire Instructor 1 Exam
  73. Are you illegally using CPAT??
  74. State Agility testing including (Claustrophobia and Acrophobia)
  75. Fire Testing Prep.
  76. Is PTSD a disqualifier ?
  77. Crossfit and the Fire Service
  78. X-Train Shoe Recommendations?
  79. Paramedic and Firefighting skills evaluation/testing for a Fire Dept...
  80. NEW Public Safety Testing TEST
  81. Waiting for a sign this is it. Find your strong!
  82. Volunteers & Training
  83. Switch to CPAT test for our dept?
  84. how do you get/keep in shape? i need help
  85. Oakland FD written test information
  86. Can't Pass the Ergo..Out of Ideas...Help anyone?
  87. Stair workout-St. Paul
  88. In need of a CPAT asap!!
  89. Interview Questions
  90. Marathon Running and Strength Training
  91. Taking first written test
  92. Approved Ladder climb card
  93. Massachusetts civil service interview question
  94. After interview
  95. What's the WORST way to handle a situation?
  96. Cpat written
  97. What days do you workout?
  98. Written test HELP
  99. Florida FIRETEAMS testing help
  100. CPAT: Beating the Step Mill Advice & Facts
  101. Wanting to be a firefighter, how to get there from here.
  102. Question on the psych test of process
  103. Question On Stairclimb Speed?
  104. Does a Department have to give a copy of your testing Results
  105. lose bodyweight fast? like in 3-4 monthes
  106. How to answer situational questions?
  107. Could use some advice on which books to get
  108. Written Exam Practice Guides
  109. National Firefighter Selection Inventory (NFSI)... Any advice??
  110. Comprehensive and Specific Firefighter Fitness
  111. Ladder Raise?????
  112. Average scores on written exam?
  113. firefighter 1 class final (ohio)
  114. So frustrated with this written exam crap
  115. Stair Climb - Tulsa, OK
  116. CPAT record and videos
  117. Gym Exercises to help with training course
  118. Fear of heights
  119. PERF/ background Investigation
  120. "The Complete Guide to Get Your Badge" Gold Package for sale
  121. What do you know about this town? oral board
  122. Which departments in Colorado use the FIRE TEAM test?
  123. "structured" interview
  124. CPAT for a smaller female
  125. A newbie's CPAT practice orientation
  126. wisconsin civill cervice exam prep
  127. CPAT Stair Stepper ...
  128. Indoor Rock Climbing
  129. Applicant's Right to View Results
  130. Should I Apply and Test Just to Practice the Written Exam?
  131. Written Test followed by Agility -- Attire?
  132. Chiefs interview
  133. Websites
  134. What do you think?
  135. ProBoard and IFSAC
  136. Oral Board Question
  137. FPSI's Certified Firefighter Test
  138. FIRE TEAM Testing
  139. Weight Tips, Cardio vs. Strength
  140. Stair Master training
  141. ok to be inbetween spreaders and vehicle??
  142. emt national exam question
  143. Cant seem to get over the hump...
  144. Fire Team Test - Mechanical Section
  145. Save your partner firefighter or victim?
  146. Where can I take the CPAT?
  147. Kettlebells Keep Firefighters in Top Form
  148. Stand Up Paddle Boards
  149. Morality Interview Questions
  150. What to bring to Chief's interview
  151. Study guides for National Certs I&II
  152. embarrassing situation, what to do?
  153. Question regarding the CPAT test
  154. Nremt-p test
  155. Kettlebells for Heroes
  156. Wearing Fire T-shirts at Test
  157. Crossfit?
  158. Video Based Testing?
  159. Duped?
  160. Hiring off of an Eligibility List.
  161. Hey guys, I need help
  162. Firehouse Fitness
  163. WTB Keiser Sled
  164. Human Relations-FireTeam and Others
  165. FDNY / CPAT Prep Workshop August 27 Last Call
  166. Capt. Bob Interview Prep CD'S for sale
  167. Hurt my arm
  168. Glove Help
  169. Need Advice
  170. Fitness, Survival and the FDNY
  171. What do I need Ohio resident
  172. Need Motivation To Regain My Fitness
  173. The night before CPAT/Biddle and the morning leading up to it
  174. FDNY / CPAT Training Facility
  175. Chief's Interview Preparation
  176. Amarillo Civil Exam
  177. Hose Hoist
  178. Test Questions
  179. Culture Diversity Questions
  180. Testing Process and against the odds
  181. What test i have to take to become a firefighter?
  182. Worst Part of CPAT
  183. FPSI TPM Exam
  184. Ergo Metrics and Applied Personnel Research Testing Company...anyone ever use them?
  185. Some questions about testing (NYC)
  186. New here & new to fire academy. A few Q's?
  187. Missing CPAT practice
  188. CPAT and FireTEAM
  189. Getchell Fire District 22 Snohomish County
  190. Fire 1 and 2 prep sites?
  191. Downsizing these days
  192. Oral for Ambulance Operator - Southern California
  193. Getting in shape to become a firefighter
  194. Baltimore PAT
  195. Oral Board
  196. Chiefs Interview?
  197. Firefighter i written exam
  198. massachusetts testing
  199. Policies and Procedures Question?
  200. Essentials of Firfighting Firefighter 1&2
  201. TCC Medic test
  202. Drywall substitute for training
  203. KCKFD fireman/emt's please respond
  204. Physical fitness / body type
  205. 2011 Phoenix Study Guide
  206. Written testing tomorrow!
  207. Last Minute Advice
  208. Preparation
  209. Fire Science Colleges in Los Angelas
  210. Interview ? - Unsafe order
  211. Interview Question
  212. Biddle physical vs CPAT
  213. Physical Agility testing tips
  214. Austin, TX NFPA 1582 Gerkin Treadmill test?
  215. leary fire academy
  216. How to dress?
  217. Need Georgia area CPAT test
  218. NR EMT Test
  219. Firefighter workouts
  220. Ergometrics
  221. CPAT near St. Louis?
  222. Any practice material for IFSTA online?
  223. Tacoma Community College - Paramedic Program Help
  224. Florida State Fire School Physical Agility Test
  225. Is cpat mandatory
  226. FIREteam total score weighting
  227. Fastest way to get Pro-Board in MD???
  228. Education question
  229. Human relations testing/study suggestions?
  230. Good written exam prep sites?
  231. Tests
  232. beginner help
  233. CPAT failed, where can I take it?
  234. Character Review?
  235. Oral interview
  236. Stress Test coming up...
  237. CPAT test/Female
  238. CPAT Omaha, NE Area
  239. Online testing
  240. Live Fire Instructor material
  241. Need Colorado Area CPAT ASAP
  242. Paid on Call Physical Agility Test
  243. Hearing Loss Eligibilty??
  244. Need CPAT ASAP
  245. Workout plan critique
  246. Workouts for Biddle
  247. New FF, trying to build endurance
  248. NIMS 800b answers?
  249. Haz-Mat and FF1
  250. Senior in high school, but I'm 5'7, 250 lbs?