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    Default Got room for me???

    Morning Ladies and Gents.

    My experience with fire fighting was short, and over 25 yrs ago, as a volunteer for the Marine Corps, on base. Which lasted about 2 yrs.

    After my 12 yrs with the Marines, I became a mechanic. And for the last 8 yrs, I have been a mechanic for the fire and rescue equipment for my city. I've been a mechanic now for about 18 yrs total (30 if you count hot rods).

    The reason I am here, is because a couple FF friends said I should stop by, and have a look, and see if I could help on some tech questions on equipment, manufacturers, and what nots.

    So, do you have room for me???


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    In my town :-)


    Yup there's room for ya here. Welcome to the forums....they're a great place...
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    Hello FM1. Welcome to the forum!

    Brady Lewis
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    Thumbs up

    Hi, welcome aboard! In addition to all the general firefighting categories, there are actually a couple of forums here, namely "Apparatus Innovation" and "The Engineer", that you might be specifically interested in. That's where you'll find a lot of folks looking for technical advice, needing input to spec out a new truck, that kind of stuff. Your particular area of expertise would probably be appreciated there.
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    — C.D. Bales, "Roxanne"

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    Thanks guys,

    I have already found the "Apparatus Innovation" and "The Engineer" forums, and posted in them. Problem is, I keep getting a box saying it must pass Admin approval.

    To date, none of my posts have been posted.


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