Hello Everyone,

First off just want to say thanks to everyone who has input information for new people like myself. I do however have a couple of questions that have been too hard to weed out of all the other information.

I am currently graduating my local community college with an associates degree in Information Technology. (This is in Massachusetts BTW). I am interested in becoming a FF, and was looking at my home towns FF website and notice they have an application for employment right online.

Typically for those of you who have come across such a system, are they expecting you to already have all the EMT-B, FF1 etc done before applying? What about the CPAT?

I am planning on taking an EMT-B course coming up this fall at my college so I will be certified there. I'm just not sure if its best that I put in an application prior to this or should i wait for at least the EMT-B?

A little information about myself in case its crucial to the decisions. I'm currently just turned 22 years old, and will be graduating with the IT-Associates degree this spring. I initially thought I wanted to go into the computer field, but I know deep in my heart I want to be a FF.

My dad is currently a Lt. FF a couple of towns over. He will be retiring in 2 years. My uncle, is a FF for the town over from where I live now, and has also been a Volunteer FF for 10 years prior approximately. Growing up my neighbor (also my childhood best friends dad) is a FF for another adjacent town. As you can see, I've been surrounded by FF all my life, and really appreciate everything they do. I now know this is what I want to do and I am just seeking a bit of direction.

Thanks for all the help in advance!