2008 Eastern Kentucky Firefighters Association Spring Fire School
May 3-4, 2008 at Lawrence County High School Highway 644 Louisa, KY 41230

Saturday May 3rd, 6:30pm–8:30pm A cookout will be held at Louisa Fire Department – Station 2 free of charge.

State Fire Rescue Training – Area 10
Mark Hammond – Regional Coordinator
4818 Roberts Drive
Ashland, KY 41102
(606) 326-2431 or (606) 326-2459
(Fax) 866-506-5350
E-mail: mark.hammond@kctcs.edu

This is a FREE School to anyone belonging to the Eastern Ky. Firefighter’s Association. For all others, there will be a $25.00 fee per person to attend. Registration fees should be mailed to the above address prior to school. However, payment will be accepted during registration the morning of Fire School.

Classes Offered

Class 1: Firefighter Survival
This is an 8 hour class taught on Saturday only. This course will emphasize removal of trapped or unconscious firefighters from a burning building and self rescue techniques when the primary escape route is blocked. This is a required course for all new firefighters effective 7/1/00. You have spent a number of years practicing on getting victims out of buildings, isn’t it time you learned to get yourself out safely? Full turnout gear and SCBA are required for this course.

Class 2: Firefighter Rescue
This is a one day course that will be taught on Sunday only. This is a required course for all new firefighters effective 7/1/01. You must have taken the FF Survival Course before you can take the FF Rescue Course. This course is designed to teach the firefighter how to rescue victims from a burning structure. Special techniques are used for rescue. This course will test your skills to the limit. All students need full turnout gear and SCBA for this course.

Class 3: Hard to Get Hours
This is a two day class covering those hard to get hours you need to obtain your certification. Classes taught will be: Basic Wildland Firefighting (4 hrs.), Aircraft Rescue (2 hrs.), Portable Extinguishers (2 hrs.), Fire Cause & Determination (2 hrs), Ropes (2 hrs.), Building Construction (2 hrs.), and Emergency and Disaster Planning (2 hrs.) All students need to bring full PPE.

Class 4: Swift Water Rescue
This is a two day hands on course dedicated to intense training in swift water rescue. Students will be doing exercises in the spillway of Yatesville Lake, so this class is a truly different course for this area. All students need an approved helmet and flotation device for this course. Wet suits are also recommended.

Class 5: Driver’s Training
This is a two day class limited to 24 students. Students will spend time in both the new state of the art Driving Simulator and actually driving the cone course. Students will learn in an interactive environment with the Simulator as well as driving the Driver’s Training Course. Driving laws and case studies will also be discussed.

Class 6: Live Fire Training
This is a two day class that is never a disappointment. This is a class for the advanced firefighter with two full days of live fire training using acquired structures. Both days will cover all aspects of fire control following NFPA 1403 and 1500. Students will not leave disappointed after this class, so register early. All students will need full protective clothing, including SCBA and an extra bottle. You must be clean shaven to participate in this class. Mustaches are permitted. The attached form signed by the Chief of your Department must be presented at Registration at the school before you will be permitted to participate in this class which states that you have met all the NFPA Firefighter I Job Performance requirements. These include Safety, Fire Behavior, Portable Extinguishers, PPE, Ladders, Fire Hose, Appliances, and Streams, Overhaul, Water Supply, Ventilation and Forcible Entry.