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    Default Presidential Nominees and the Fire Service

    Forgive me if this has been posted before and it is not my intention to open a can of political worms.

    Has McCain/Paul/Clinton/Obama/etc. expressed any views towards the fire services such as the AFG program, funding levels, etc.?
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    i don't really know know but there is a website that has firefighters for obama. i forget the name of it.

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    Check this site out: http://www.firefightersforobama.com/ I am sure it is some what slanted but does show what each has done for the fire service.
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    It was set up by the IAFF. Yes it's slanted, very biased. But if you are a union member and concerned about the same issues as the union then you may agree with the whole thing
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    Default Obama interview 9/11/08

    With the IAFF passing stricter rules regarding it's members volunteering on their days off I'm sure they are happy with Obama's comments about the value of volunteer firefighters and his urging more young men to volunteer. Volunteers cost union jobs. He must be so out of touch that he doesn't realize who the IAFF represents.

    I'm so glad our union chose to back a moron again this election.

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