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    Anyone in the last academy? I have taken the psyc and have to take the drug screen in may. My question is; they cant tell me for sure if I have the job. I have my medic and other experience on a POC FD. So I just wait for the letter and then have to drive out there in 2 wks before the academy starts. I'm from MI. Also what is the hardest part about the academy? I always hear of a good # of drop-outs. Any other info that would help me would be great.

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    Expect the unexpected, expect it to probably be the toughest 5-6 months of your life so far, if not ever. 4 hrs of sleep/night most likely with all of the extra goodies that get piled on you to do that you don't know about yet. Last I knew they tried to be very militaristic and liked to dish out a lot of punishment for everyone. So my advise is make sure you know what you're getting yourself into and that Clark County is what you think you want out of a job. You'll learn a lot about yourself whether you make it through or not, and you're right, a lot of people drop out, myself included, for various reasons. They were very intense, and now that I look back it really is for a reason, some of them are very serious about their jobs. I have a career FF/Medic job in a different state now and it's a completely different atmoshphere here, whether it's for the better or not I'm not sure yet but like I said, I certainly learned a lot about myself in those 12 weeks I completed. Just be ready to bust your *** all day 7 days/wk for 5 months, literally. Especially if you're married and/or have kids (which I wasn't and didn't have). You'll need a lot of help to get through it, so make sure your family/friends, etc are ready for it and to not have you available to do much with them for that time.

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    Thanks for the info and sorry it didnt work out for you. I am coming from the east side of the country so it is alittle hike. I feel I have invested alot of time and money into this so if the opportuntiy arises I have to take it. If I never tried I will never know what might have happened. It seems that you have another job now so that is a good thing. It is just hard to get these jobs nowdays and we have to take and try whatevery we get. Thanks again for the info.

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