Hello everyone,

Im 21, and I just took the written test for San Jose Fire Dept here in CA, the test also included a PHQ, I have never done anything serious, but there are a few things I was worried about disclosing, despite everyone telling me to lie, I couldnt ignore that little voice in my head telling me to be honest. What I thought was cool was they supplied you with an extra page to explain any answers you felt needed explaining, but now im sitting here thinking about whether I made the right decision, the things that I was honest about are as follows

I have experimented with marijuana, I used to smoke a little socially, never to satisfy a craving or sooth an addiction, I also drove after using it once. Last time I used some was 1-2 years ago

I have tried mushrooms twice, both times in high school and both instances were over a year apart.

I was terminated from a small ambulance company while on probation for no apparent reason after 45 days of employment. I believe they found out that I was going through the hiring process with the county 911 provider. I was told they were choosing to end my probationary period, and when I questioned them to find out why their exact words were " we determined your not a good fit for this organization, maybe for another". Ive seen 3 other EMT's I worked with at this company who had the same exact thing happen to them

Im just looking for some insight from those of you who have experience taking these tests. This is only my 2nd test, and my first PHQ, so I'm still learning. Any input is appreciated, thanks!