Hi I am a college student and I am looking to pursue a career in the fire department, I am still a college student and was looking towards law enforcement but after talking to many police officers and finding out more and more about law enforcement I realized it was not for me.

My cousin actually got me to research being a fire fighter because he is a paramedic and a fire fighter in Indiana.

I have talked to 3 fire fighters from Orange County when I saw them in front of a plaza but got confused they talked very fast so I lost a lot of information that I have obtained.

If possible can someone please help me to get started?

Until now I have learned the steps of becoming a police officer but from what the firemen and also my cousin have told me its a different process to become a fireman which also needs emt certificates.

If possible can someone please just give me some pointers in which route I should take from emt to classes I should take, or if recommend to finish college because I plan on just getting an AA and not getting a BA.

I will be researching more I just thought forums would be a great help too.

Thank you