Hi my name is Jason and I live in California. I am currently a college student my career plan was towards law enforcement and researched that for quite a bit but after talking to many officers including couple friends who are in law enforcement I figured it wasnt the right career for me. I still want to get into a career which helps the community and I know there are many other careers but after talking to my cousin who is a Fire Fighter in Indiana he got me thinking. So at the moment I am researching a bit into fire fighting.

I talked to couple Orange County Fire Fighters at a local shopping plaza but only took in couple things here and there and I was still very confused. After researching in law enforcement for a while it seems that law enforcement route and fire fighting routes are quite different.

So far I know that EMT is needed but I dont know if that is just a certificate how it works if its a class you take for couple weeks or even months.

I plan on just getting an AA from college, but I just needed some pointers on what I am supposed to be doing in order to start my path in the Fire Fighting career.

So if anyone can please give me some tips on what classes are needed or recommended, how it works such as couple weeks of training or its an actually class for couple months "semester" of some sort. And how the Fire Fighting Academy works as if its similar to Police Academy where I can put myself through it or if its by Department Sponsorships only, and I have heard something about a waiting line.

I am sorry if I sound very ignorant I will be doing some more research but I just thought this might help if I ask some more people online because personally I dont know any Fire Fighters, I plan on going to a nearby Fire Station and talking to an Officer as well.

Any help would be great.

Thank you