Firefighter Couples Wanted for a Documentary

If you are or someone you're in a relationship with (but NOT married to) is a
firefighter, police officer, paramedic, or anybody in a
life-threatening profession in NYC (only), please contact us ASAP.

1) Program title: "Real Life, Young Professionals in NY" (translated),
airing on a major Japanese network
2) Program description: This is a reality TV show type of documentary
about the everyday life of a couple in different occupations from
different countries. We shot previous episodes in Buenos Aires,
Shanghai, etc. This time, the director wants to feature a someone who
has a life-threatening occupation in New York City.
3) Schedule: Pre-scouting to meet the director, May 3rd to 6th; shoot,
4 to 6 days, from May 22nd to 29th (could be flexible)
4) Compensation: There will be some pay.
5) Contact email: