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    Question FireFighter 1 question

    Hey guys, I recently applied to Abingdon Fire company, and will hopefully start FF1 over the summer. My question is, how long is FF1? I thought i remembered 6 months, but i just wanted to make sure. Also, how long after joining/taking the class do your respective companies give you your gear and let you ride, not fight the fire, just ride? thanks for the info.

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    The length of FF1 depends on how many nights a week the class meets. It can range 2 months to about 6 months. I believe the course totals 102 hours or around that. As for the company letting you ride, every one is different. Some companies will put you through an in house training to familiarize the new members with equipment locations and basic fireground operations and than upon completing the class youll be cleared to ride and perform exterior (outside operations). Others are very strict with making their members get FF1 before riding. Im not sure how exactly abingdon operates. If I were you I would speak with the training officer of your company or any fire line officer to learn how the company operates. Any other questions just ask and i'll try to answer.

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