I am pleased to inform all of you that today www.fire-forums.com has created a new section in the Training Area that will be specifically for the regular posting of online fire ground training drills.

This new section will work as follows:
Posting of new threads can only be done by the designated instructors. Regular members are able and encouraged to post replies to each of these topics to form discussions pertaining to the subject at hand, your constructive thoughts and comments to the thread are encouraged for others to learn. Guests who are not registered are more than welcome and able to view the drills but you must complete the free registration to become a member if you wish to be able to reply to threads and take part in discussions.

While constructive criticism is a unique learning tool and encouraged please remember that all departments operate differently so we must not perform any "bashing" of other member's thoughts and replies.

The first drill pertaining to Building Construction has already been posted. Look for the new section under the heading "Training Grounds" - "Featured Training Topics" located at www.Fire-Forums.com or visit this link directly... http://fire-forums.com/forums/showthread.php?t=680