Thanks. Her name is Mesa and she is a 14 month old Liver and White Dalmatian that my wife and I adopted last year after we had to put another one of our Dalmatians to sleep because of cancer. Mesa spends her day aggravating our 14 year old female Dal, Dilly. It's like living in a house with a two year old kid and a 98 year old granny. Lots of maintenance!
The biggest stressor of working alone is waiting for the s**t to hit the fan and you have to handle it all yourself. My Boss always says to call someone in from off duty if it gets really busy. The problem with that is if it is THAT busy, you are unable to call someone in because you are too busy. Oh, well. That's the fun of this job.
I normally work day shift, but this month I am on vacation relief. Next week it is back to days and the week after that, I go back to a week of graves. That does wonders for my sleep cycle.