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    Default Jersey Shore Fire depts

    I am a firefighter in PA and for quite a while now i've been wanting to work at one of the career/combination fire depts on the jersey shore. Does anyone know when some of them may be hiring again and is it even possible for someone from PA to get a job at one of them? Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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    In New Jersey, the state department of personnel is responsible for hiring firefighters for most of the state. There are a few that do not use NJDOP (Cherry Hill might be one). Basically, you need to be a legal resident of the town in which you want to work. In that case, you'd end up on that fire departments register of potential hires. You also end up on a "county" list that other departments in that county use after their in-town list is exhausted. You also end up on a state list that gets used after the county list is exhausted. You also get extra points for being a volunteer.

    There are quite a few part-time job opportunities along the South Jersey Shore. I worked in Wildwood and in North Wildwood for about 4 years as a firefighter / EMT. I held a NJ EMT card, but a PA card has automatic reciprocity (well, it did in 1999). If you want to work down there, go down and talk to them. Show them your certs and emt card. Cities like Cape May, Wildwood, North Wildwood hire PT FF/EMTS mainly for the summer, but they do use PT help year round. If you want to just ride an ambulance, Wildwood Crest, Stone Harbor, Avalon, Middle Twp, Lower Twp are just a few of the places you could go. Good Luck.

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    Well, you missed the boat for another year or two for fulltime. As far as part time goes, there are a few departments up and down the coast that hire part time employees. I would get cracking on app.s now though. Most of the seasonal guys will be hired in the next few weeks. I would recommend EMT and at least NJ FF1 if you are looking for part time work. Most require at least that and fire fighter 2. Hope it works out for you.

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