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Thread: Stabilization

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    Question Stabilization

    Just asking for opinions here.....

    Which do you feel would be more useful for stabilizing an upright auto?:

    1. Stepchock

    2. One piece of cribbing and a wedge

    Doubtless we know how to perform the task and why, simply asking specifically about usefulness.
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    Depends on the height of the vehicle. I like just step chocks. I'll use a wedge in rare cases.

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    Way too broad of a question Billy, Auto? as in tiny little sporty thing? or what is probably the most common vehicle on the road today like a SUV or the Mommy van? I am seeing more and more that the old reliable step chock just dosen't reach any more. And till you take the time to raise it to a usable height with cribbing you could have maybe used something else. I recently saw a very clever combo unit at a comp in Canada. A very good friend of mine that is no longer with us showed up with a 6x8 block of wood with a wedge attaced with a small rope. You could use it the 6 way, or the 8 way and the atached wedge was a bonus, either use it or leave it lay. Was much more versital then the step chocks. Also, (please do not shoot me for being a commercial) but any (regardless of color or make) strut with "short" capibilities can stabilize a 1/2-3/4 ton 4x4 pickup truck or suv in 1/2 the time it takes you to carry 4 arm loads of wood from point A to point B and assemble. 2 struts in the 3 foot range applied to the rear frame rails gives a super solid base in about 45 seconds. The same exact set up can do the sporty cars using your standard 18" cribbing. ... Just thinking a little out of the box....


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    The "average" MVC I like the step chocks, they are fast, easy to use, and offer plenty of stability for the regular light extrication.

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    We have four step chocks on the engine, and if the vehicle is too tall, we stack one step chock on the other upside down to fill the extra gap. Gives us up to 30 inches if needed.

    If it's bigger than that, the short res-q-jacks are probably coming out.
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    Step-Chocks. They are much lighter than a 6x6.
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    I like cribbing and a wedge.Much more versatile in today's SUV oriented world.And infinitely adjustable if done correctly. T.C.

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    we made something up for the stabilization of most vehicles today, including runflat tires, small sports cars, most vans, and trucks. you can stack them or whatever you want. its three 4x4s with a piece of plywood overtop. put that on the ground and use a wedge to tighten it up on top. you can also stack them for higher vehicles, its strong, has all the points of contact that a stack of cribbing has but its much easier to use. as far as other methods, i usually look at the whole situation, what evolutions im doing etc. on jeeps and trucks i like to use box cribs or the above method to the frame rails because it keeps it tucked under the car and can stay out of the way. struts are great as well, we have special plates we made so we can use sheet metal screws and install a strut in about 3 seconds flat. anyone want any info or to talk about it or anything, email me


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    I would attempt to use the Step-Chocks first. They are quick easy and stable.

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    I think the step chock based on car designs today- SUV's, vans, etc.

    The step chock can be used in so many different ways...

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