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Thread: Marine Corps Firefighting

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    Default Marine Corps Firefighting

    Hey guys, I'm certified FF1&2, EMT ,and Paramedic 2 student. I have recently been thinking about joing the corps because its always been a dream of mine since I was young. I have been raised in Military household (Grandfather was Full Bird USAF) and dad was an AF brat so being in a paramilitary career was right up my alley. Well I talked to a recruiter last year after completing Fire Academy for enlisting USMC and doing Aircraft Firefighting MOS 7051 however, I ABSOLUTLEY HAVE TO MAKE SURE THAT I HAVE THIS SPECIFIC JOB LOCKED IN BEFORE I ENLIST AND MY CIVILIAN CERTS EXPIRE. If not, that means I would be giving up my training and option to work as a civilian FF/PM.

    Is there anyway that I would have the guarantee to get into that specific job because of my civilian certs opposed to Joe Blow PVT who is fresh out of HS? Also, I would want to make sure that I wouldnt get shafted and moved into something else in that category. Do you guys have any suggestions or tips for me? I've read up on this site and you guys have very valuable information.

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    Default joining the Corps

    I am a retired Marine. The best thing you can do is talk to your recruiter about your desires and see if you can get the MOS desired in writing before you go to boot camp. He/she may be able to do that for you. Best of luck. Make sure the recruiter knows about your certifications. Provide him/her with your certificates. Semper Fidelis! Someday your friends and family will call you Leatherneck!!

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    Your best bet to be more of a traditional fire fighter (not that they do much fire fighting), in the: i live in a fire station, run medicals, go on false alarms, do inspections, sense of traditional, is to go Air Force. I'm not saying one branch is better than the other, but they do have more a traditional mission and you will be able to utilize your certs/experiance a little more. The marines, outside of a few very rare exceptions, usually only provide ARFF support. I know that there a few bases (or maybe just one in D.C.) that has an FEMA/Rescue mission. But as I stated above, the AF would be more up your alley if you want to utilize what you have already been taught.

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    Default Do you know how to swim?

    Aircraft Rescue and Firefighting Specialist 7051 thatís a dying MOS as it seems. Hereís what I can tell you from my experience, the corps does not care about your civilian certifications or that you may be older then the recent high school graduate and my have relevant experience. Their position is to make Marines and everything else will be secondary that means that they will train everyone exactly how they want them to be no matter how much previous training you may already have. You will find that the way they do things in the military is different, behind the times or just plain stupid; but no matter what that is the way they do things.

    For a specific contract guarantee that depends on if you are active duty or reserve. Active duty will most likely not guarantee a specific MOS. Reserves often do have guarantees as long as they are able to complete the MOS school. The best way to get a specific MOS is to do very well on the ASVAB and do well in Boot Camp and MCT/ITB if you should enlist.

    Your Paramedic Cert may or my not due serve you as only a few MOS billets will be trained at the NREMT EMT-Basic level I believe that 7051 is one of those but I would have to dig my books out if storage. You will need to ask your recruiter, but donít be surprised that they may not know. Also, keep in mind that the military is continuously changing around the clock so what may have been relevant today will most likely be different tomorrow.

    Make sure to talk to your recruiter about all of your concerns.

    PS I hope you can swim really well.

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    Hopefully I can give you some insight, and you can take it for what its worth. I got out of the Marines after 4 years in the 7051 MOS and climbing quickly to the rank of Sgt. A Marine is a rifleman First and Foremost! I loved the Marine Corps, because I was a Marine! You will be there for the good of the Corps, not for your own wishes. The Marine Corps was the best thing I ever did, and I was able to recieve IFSAC FFI,II, HAZMAT OPS, and ARFF. It set me on the path I am in today, but I did get out after 4 years to be a fireman. As ARFF, most of your time will be spent sitting in a crash truck on an airfield watching planes fly around, but you will be a Marine first and foremost. Inspections, drill, Battalion and Squadron functions, PT, riflerange, etc. As the other member stated, if you want the "traditional" fire department, you need to go into the airforce as they are more "orientated" towards their members and they do structural and crash. 7051 is not a guarateed MOS, only Airfield support can be guranteed. If you have your FFII and are a paramedic or almost have it, my advice is to finish your medic, in todays fire service that is most important. Second get a job as a paid civilian firefighter. If you do want to be part of the finest organization in the world, the Marines, enlist and go reserve. You will have a chance to be a Marine and be a civilian firefighter, and they have to keep your spot on the fire department. Best of luck!
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    To clear up a little confusion, you CAN get a contract guarantee for a specific MOS, however you will have to be fully qualified by your ASVAB score, and you will need to be willing to wait a while until an opening hits at the school. Might be in the DEP for a long time, and recruiters don't like that, the longer you wait, the higher the chance you will drop and they will not get credit for you. So they will push you to take the airfield support field contract and go to Boot Camp as early as possible. Stand your ground with your recruiter and MEPS and you can get the contract you want, once you get an understanding with the recruiter, don't think he we be your advocate at MEPS either, he is representing himself and the Corps there, not you. Good Luck, and make sure you are joining to serve God Country and Corps first, and not just to be a fireman.

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