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    Talking training props

    now that you all gave so many great ideas on training sessions does anybody have plans for training props or know where I can find them (eg. wall breach, roof simulator, any other cool ideas)

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    About a month ago a buddy and I made a roof simulator and door for forcible entry. The roof was the original plan and the door kinda just happened (and it shows, as the door simulator worked, but not as well as was hoped )

    When I get home I will upload the pics, but the roof simulator was for a flat roof but could just as eaisly me made for a pitched roof as well.

    Everything was donated with the exception of 2- 2x4's and 1 sheet of OSB. So needless to say, this was an extremely cheap training prop to build.

    So when I get home I'd be glad to upload the pics and I'll see if I can draw up plans for it and scan them.
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