I have started a web site, www.Firefighter-Biz.com. It's purpose is to promote FIREFIGHTER-OWNED businesses. We list the businesses for FREE. In the 3 short months since it's launch, we have signed up 90+ businesses in 22 different states across the U.S. If you need some service-type work done, looking for a vacation rental, construction / remodeling, are looking for a product to buy, help with buying a house, etc. please check this web site first before supporting a non-firefighter-owned business. Help your firefighter "brothers" and "sisters" out!

If you know of any firefighters (active-paid, volunteer or retired) who own businesses, tell them that it is FREE to get their business listed. Tell them that it takes less than 5 minutes to submit it to the web site. We are hoping to have at least 250 businesses listed by the end of 2008.

PLEASE ... help spread the word about the web site. It is for firefighters, by a firefighter!

Thank you for your time!