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    Default GSA Purchasing

    For a hypothetical question, Lets say my company was awarded a 75 foot quint through AFG. To get the price down and get bigger bang for the buck, could we purchase the vehicle direct through GSA, and then have it serviced and warrantied through the local dealer? The State of New Jersey Does not currently allow organizations to purchase from GSA; but the money is really Federal anyways.....................

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    FD with a wildland mission can purchase from GSA. Your state forester is the contact to set up an account.

    Do you have two or three trees and some grass/weeds in NJ. If so likely have "wildland" and a state forester.

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    Our dept has ordered through the GSA before but all orders had to go through our regions Bureau of Forestry office, I was told that as a fire company we could order out of the wildland fire catalog only, but if we wanted to order outside of the catalog we had to go through the BOF.

    We do have a contact with the National Park service for structural and wildland fire suppresion for an 800 acre National Historical site in our first due

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