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    Default 07 AFG Awards psoted

    Wow, a couple of whopper $1 million Federal Share awards announced today.
    Kurt Bradley
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    That should about drain the bottom of the barrel. I got to looking and noticed that Tennessee hasn't pulled an afg since round 29. hmmmm...

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    What struck me about one of those million dollar grants is it was awarded to the Aberdeen Fire Department in Idaho. Aberdeen is a town of 1,840 people, not even the county seat for Bingham county. It is very likely to be a communication grant for the county. Aberdeen is the very definition of a poor farming community.

    Last round Rexburg Idaho got another million dollar grant. They are the county seat for Madison County. I found one small blurb from a website that said Rexburg's grant is intended to upgrade fire comms in Madison and Fremont Counties.

    I am betting a multi-county coordinated effort was done to improve comms along the I-15 corridor from Bannock County through Fremont County. Good for them. I wish the Fire Chiefs in my area of the State could get together a similar project.


    Found a link to a news story, it was a Comm grant, regional, 5 departments Link Here
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