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    Question what's up?

    I love everything about the firefighting profession, but I am reluctant to enter training because my boyfriend is trying to stop me. Can anyone help me?

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    Default My 2 cents

    Imean no disrespect at all, but if u are truely intrested in ff'ing then do it. If he truely cares for you he will support you. But unfortunatley some people just cannot handle their significant other doing it. Best of luck feel free to get ahold of me if u want to talk more about it.

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    Go for it. If your boyfriend can't handle it then maybe you would be happier with someone who supports you and wants you to live your dream. If he can't get over it, then he is being selfish and shallow.

    Now, this isn't just my opinion. I live it. My wife is a firefighter. She was an EMT when I met her and she got interested in firefighting because of me. I did whatever I could to help her.

    You would be amazed how much stronger ( and happier ) of a relationship you will have when you help and support each other.

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