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    Default Tools in the Cab..? Yes/ No?!?

    Hello I was just wondering what you company's carry in the cabs of your appuratus? Irons, Flat or Pickhead, Hooks, Sleadge hammers, Rabbit Tools any type of tool. We carry a Set of Iron in are cab and Its easy to grab it out when you jump out of the appurtus. Do you guys keep your tools in a mount or just on the floor, I personally like it on the floor. Also where do your company's keep your EMS supplies. Do you keep it in a EMS compartment inside the cab, or on a outside compartments. Thanks a lot for you help!!!!

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    No irons, hooks, etc in the cab. The only loose fire equipment in the cab is the TIC. We have an EMS compartment in the cab, we keep the drug box, defib, etc in there. The "everyday" EMS equipment is in an outside compartment.

    If we did carry tools in the cab, I sure as hell wouldn't want them just laying in the floor. Just my opinion, I know a lot of others will disagree...
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    Interesting topic, as we were just discussing this last week at the station. Our front line pumper broked, so we were using our older International. Our front line Spartan does not have tools in the passenger compartment, but in a compartment on the truck. Our International has spots for an axe (on the preconnect side), and irons on the other other side. Both in a holder, sure as hell not on the floor. EMS stuff on both pumpers is inside the passenger compartment. I really liked having the tools inside the compartment, as it takes less time. Grab the line and go..
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    if anything is in the cab, it should be fastened down. A seatbelt may protect you in a normal accident, but it won't stop that flying halligan.

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    irons, radios, computer, flashlights, TIC, EMS bag full of stuff, rubber gloves.

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    Where else would they ride?*

    * don't get a wedgie over this... it's sarcasm!
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    We carry, in the engine I most often am in, a set of irons, an EMS bag and Defib, water extinguisher and a few box lights in the cab. All are fastened down to prevent them from flying about the cab all willy nilly.
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    On our engine, we've got a short denver tool under the officer's seat, and a sledge, and 6' hook fastened in the FF compartment. Additionally, we have a BLS bag and multi-gas monitor. Otherwise, everything is in compartments.

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    On our engine, Officers seat has a mounted flashlight, TIC, and pry-axe. In the back seats we have flashlights, 1 set of irons, 2nd TIC.

    On our Squirt, officers seat has mounted flashlight and TIC. Back seats have flashlights and some rope bags.

    When we replace the Squirt (most likely with an engine) it will have a flashlights, a TIC, 1 set of irons, a water can, and possibly a 6' hook.

    We do not run EMS calls so no EMS compartment. Our few EMS items are stowed in space under the seats.
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    All our tools are usually belted in an SCBA seat. But we also carry a set of Irons, TIC, Hand lights, portables, and EMS bag in the cab all secured.

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    Thumbs up

    Back home on our rescue pumper we have the RIT pack, TIC, gas meter, flat head axe, irons, (which are married) defib, spare drill batteries, ems equipment (med box, 02, OB kit), spare radio.

    All secured down. If the equipment wasn~t secured you might as well no even wear a seat belt because flying equipmet is just as bad as you flying around.

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    the 4 new engines in my dept tried keeping everything out of the cab. the only thing in there is the medical crap and it's in a compartment with a roll up door.

    my engina has a dry chem and a pee can not strapped down just sitting in a holer so if we roll i can get hit by them. the pick and flat head axe are on the back doors, and we have a box light in a holder to charge but it only charges when the engine is running.

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    At my last department, we had irons secured on one side of the cab and a pick-head axe on the other. The medical bag was secured on the engine cover. All tools were secured in brackets.

    My current department keeps all tools and the medical bag in outside storage compartments. The only thing in the cabs are the SCBA, radios and the TIC.

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    Just TIC and flashlights in the cab. EMS stuff is in compartment outside.
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    We have everything imaginable in the cabs of our rigs.

    Any attempt to keep the stuff out of the cab probably won't work.
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    Yes, an interesting topic indeed.

    Well, the most popular tool in all of our apparatus is flashlights, both large and small. We carry them in both trucks that have 'closed' cabs. Our third truck is an older truck with an 'open' cab and does not have any tools 'in' the cab, per se. We have two other trucks, but they are brush trucks and I'm not positive if they carry any tools in the actual cab area. On our newest pumper/tender, we carry flashlights, irons, radios, spare batteries, and a TIC. I think that is all in that truck. As for our second truck, our rescue, it carries flashlights, radios, spare batteries, and a TIC.
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    For the most part our frontline apparatus have only lights, TIC, gas moniter, swiftwater lifejackets/Helmets/throw bags, and EMS gloves in the cab. Everything else in other compartments.
    Several reserve engines are set up like the reserve at our station, same stuff in the cab as the frontline but also ALL medical equipment minus back boards, along with an LZ kit. We used to have a pickhead axe in the cab as well but that got moved.

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    Check out this link. Focus on the quote in the investigation section.


    "He became disoriented upon impact with the support column because glass and items in the cab–water cooler, gear, and self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBAs)–had become airborne. By the time the engine had come to a stop, the fire fighter could refocus his attention, and he felt pain in one of his legs, which could have been attributed to the items in the cab becoming airborne."

    I say keep stuff out of the cab unless it is secured. I have heard rumor that all helmets and other items will need to be secured in the next NFPA 1901 Standard as well.

    If you honestly think that it is safe to have unsecured items in the cab like irons, than I wonder what other common sense you are missing. It does not save that much time. If you really want to keep things in the cab then write a proposal and send it up the chain to have brackets installed.

    On a side note, a few large departments do not even keep their SCBA in the cab. They seem to get by OK.

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    The only thing we have in the cabs are SCBA's, portable radios, handlights, map books, EMS gloves, a bio antidote kit,TIC, road vests and in one rig the PFDs.

    Everything that can be fastened down is, the other items are at least in angled holders (map books, portables) or tucked behind/around the seats (PFDs, road vests). All other equipment is in the outside compartments.
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