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    Default "AMPS" Brand Hydraulic Gensets

    I was wondering....it seems of late....that there are several people (once again) talking about "AMPS" Brand generators. AMPS is Advanced Module Power Systems. They are based out of Texas and made up of a bunch of guys who used to be with Harrison and Smart Power.

    Several years ago, Gary McCann, of AMPS took the market by storm and really was controlling the hydraulic generator market, when the Harrison brand kind of fell off the face of the earth with marketing their product. AMPS was a household name and "WAS" a good product. Later, for some unknown reason, they changed some components to cheaper and/or low cost foreign products built in India or somewhere I have forgotten about. I "think" or "believe" it was the actual hydraulic pump unit itself. Regardless, significant failures, overheating (i would add some of which were not toally their fault with people cramming too much around the generators and not allowing for proper circulation) and out of service time started destroying the AMPS brand reputation and I heard from more than one department that they wanted their units replaced with another brand or litigation would be enacted.

    Anyways.....has anyone had any experience with the AMPS brand in the last couple years? AND/Or...does anyone have any input on what makes them good, bad or indeferent to the other brands such as Harrison, Smart Power, Onan, etc. hydraulics CURRENTLY available?

    Thanks for the input.....and NO I do not build generators! Just trying to learn and be educated in the various products.

    Stay safe, have fun and good fishing.....


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    I too wondered what sort of became of the AMPS brand. It seems to me they were one of the early pioneers who sort of faded once companies like Harrison, Smart Start and Onan appeared on the scene.

    My VFD experienced the overheating issues with the one it has; but the problem seems to have been corrected.

    This go around, we chose Onan for one reason. There's service center about 30 miles away; they also offer on-site service at the FD.

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    The dept I work for ordered 9 rescue pumpers in 1997 that had AMPS generators. All 9 of those trucks had their AMPS generators replaced 3 times EACH. Neeless to say, 3 years ago admin decided to replace all AMPS with Honda gas generators. They haven't replaced one since the change.

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    I helped design a Pumper/Tanker for a volunteer Dept with a 6kW AMPS back in 1998. It was mounted in the dunnage area above the pump house, so it had plenty of air flow. AFAIK, they have had zero problems with it.

    Me and lots of the other drivers with my career Dept, are pushing hard for hydraulic units on all apparatus, but it's an uphill fight.

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    We've had a 25 KW AMPS generator since 2003 that came with our rescue-pumper.

    It has worked flawlessly!

    Is AMPS still in business? Their website www.a-m-p-s.com has been down for quite some time and I haven't yet pulled out my owners manual to locate their phone number.

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    Default A.m.p.s.

    They are now known as American Mobile Power Systems and do repairs on the old A.M.P.S stuff. Sugarland, TX is just their office, they have a shop in Wisconsin.

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    AMPS has changed thier name to American Mobile Power Service Inc. And to google it or find it is a chore.

    I have the phone #'s at the shop, and will post it up here tomorrow.


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    Default Amps

    AMPS is no longer in business in its original form. (the name is slightly altered as well) Dave Rose owns a service company that provides support for existing AMPS units and also makes their own genset. He has done a great job considering the number of potential units that he has to support. His callback time has been excellent when I've dealt with him. If no one else posts it I'll dig out his number.
    Incidentally ALF owes him about 32k from what I understand.... Good luck getting that cash, Dave. Looks like they want you to take the 2500 bucks.
    Go safe bros,

    PS- The last time I talked to Dave he was in the process of moving the rest of the company to Wisconsin from Texas. I would also agree with the fact that these units rarely had problems as a whole, unlike some of late!
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