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    Smile North Myrtle Beach

    North Myrtle Beach just posted as position for Public Safety Officer. Does anybody have any knowledge about this city or position?
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    The public safety officer (PSO) position is actually a full time police officer position. A PSO is hired and sent to the police academy for 9 weeks. Once out will be put on the road and go through the FTO program. Once that is completed they will go through the Basic Firefighter training. Once all the training is complete the PSO will goto one of 4 police shifts which works 12 hour shifts. One month out of the year a PSO will rotate into the firehouse and work a 24/48 schedule for that month. If you're wanting to be a cop put in for the PSO. If you're wanting to be a firefighter, apply for the firefighter position. The firefighter postion is a class 3 police officer. You goto the police academy for 5 days and learn legals. Then you return and get the rest of your training in house. As a firefighter you might only work a police detail 2 or 3 days out of the year.

    A study was recently done about splitting public safety into a seperate police and fire department.Right now its 2 seperate departments that just use the others when needed. From what we hear it will take 2 to 3 years to phase out the public safety program.
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    Default North Myrtle Beach

    Does anyone have any idea what the written test is like at North Myrtle Beach ? Or What to study ?

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