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    Default Tough scenerio that needs to be evaluated.

    What is the correct procedure to deal with the following situation?

    A large number of police, psychiatrists, CPS workers, government officials, hospitals, and pharmaceutical companies place all the evidence of their incompetence and crimes in a house and set it on fire.

    Someone drives by and calls it in to your station. You are the the first responding officer on the scene, and are met with an army of loaded guns ordering you to let the house burn down.

    Who is actually in command of that scene?

    And how should that commanding officer deal with the situation?

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    Break it down to the individual groups:

    Cops: Tell them there is a COPS show being filmed at the projects down the road.

    Shrinks: A guy at 7-11 was seen hanging himself at the payphone.

    CPS workers: Tell them a mother was getting back with the father of her children for any reason at all- and he is in in a church!

    Govt officials, drug reps and hospital people: If it "aint" class action- forget it. They will be blowing on the fire.

    So, your command sector? Your insurance adjuster. He calls the shots either way.

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