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    Default applying in another state ???

    i currently live in Tx and am on a few pending department list. I am from GA and want to move back to GA. I was woundering if anyone has applyed while liveing in another state to a diffrent state.. there will be some test comming up at the end of the yr in GA and i whould love to try but whould moving there be the best bet ?

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    I have not to long ago. I was in California and was moving back to the east coast. I applied for a job so I could have something lined up when I got there. I had the qualifications but never even received a phone call or anything. I guess they have enough applications from the local area for them not to worry about someone from out of state. Especially if you are looking for relocation allowance.

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    When I lived in Virginia, I went through the process for the Houston (TX) Fire Department. No major issues, but then again, they put an ad in JEMS, so I think they knew what they were getting into.

    Five years, and one baby, later I went through the process for Fairfax County (VA) from Houston. Again, no major issues, but they were hungry for Paramedics, so they worked with me a bit.
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