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    Default New CPAT testing center in Sac!

    I went up to the Sac CPAT-USA testing center to observe and check out the facility. It is a very clean, well run, professional and positive environment. It is very spacious, brand new, and probably twice the size of the dublin facility.

    I was suprised at the people who were not ready for it. The test has a reputation for being so easy, and yet I saw several people fail yesterday.

    Here's the best kept secret about those guys: They set up an obstacle course after testing got through on Tuesday, and had this KILLER PT session amoungst themselves! What they did in their workout was very fun, creative and intense. I told them they should hold them on their days off and charge a few bucks to train groups of people! The space sits empty most of the month! USE IT!

    I support these people in their endeavor. I hope they succeed!

    Dr. Jen
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    I'll be heading up there for my first practice run in June...looking forward to checking it out!

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