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    Default Chevrolet command/rescue Pics?

    Does any one have pics of a 2008/2007 Chevrolet truck with leds installed in the grill or somewhere like that... Have to get some put on the new truck and looking for ideas...

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    Default Chevrolet Grilles

    What size truck?? I may have photos of what you are looking for...

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    Here are a few for Tahoe/Suburbans...similar grill I think. Thought about a push bar isntead perhaps?

    Another one that's too big to attach.. http://www.specialtywarningsystems.c..._1__grille.jpg

    All from Specialty Warning Systems of Danbury, CT. (No affiliation, they just happen to have a ton of pics on there site)
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    I would be careful to not impede the airflow into the radiator with the big lights in the first link. This will cause more issues than it solves. I believe there is a factory bulletin that shows what amount of airflow needs to be maintained so as to not cause overheating and voiding the warrantee.

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