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    Exclamation City workers overtime...........

    I don't know if this is where to post this but I just need your opinion. We are a small fd with 3 paid personel (chief, and 2 captians) and the rest are paid per call, part time employees, of which 13 of the 17 people we have work for the city already i.e. Public works, police. Our city employees get OVERTIME, while the guys that don't work for the city get 8-10 per hour. I was just wondering if other departments do this (have city employees that work for the fd and get paid overtime) or how you get past the feeling of the guys that DON'T work for the city, feeling less adaquate because their pay is sooo much less than the others.

    Just wanting your input.


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    Quote Originally Posted by fireman22080 View Post
    how you get past the feeling of the guys that DON'T work for the city, feeling less adaquate because their pay is sooo much less than the others.
    First, you quit worrying about the other guy and do the job you love to do, and are paid to do.

    Overtime is a function of number of hours worked for a single employer, not for the job that they do. Either get over it or get hired by the city yourself.

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    mdtaylor: A little harsh, don't you think. One would almost think you were one of those that fireman22080 was talking about.

    Now, fireman22080, taylor is partially correct, although a little overboard on his response. Do the job you love, as some of us don't even get paid. If you don't love it, then it's not for you. Since they are City employees, anthing over their set weekly amount is overtime. However, you might think the city would be able to save a little bit by separating their status by job title. If it really bothers you, ask your Chief or one of your Captains to help you clarify.

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    That sounds like the same way our department handles payroll for full-time employees, regardless of what department they work full-time for. It has never been an issue with us. We do our job to provide a service for our community and not for the money. As a former union member, I don't have an issue with the city obeying the fair labor standards act...

    The other option would be for the city to prohibit the members who work for the city from responding to calls, basically laying them off in order to avoid paying the overtime. From what you describe, losing that many members of the department would have a serious impact on service.
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    My guess is that the city would LOVE to separate the job status to avoid overtime--but the DOL penalties would eat them alive. They're stuck in a labor law trap.

    MetalMedic--I looked up the Orrville on the map, i'm guessing you work Mansfield and/or Wayne County Speedways?? I spend some weekends at O'Reilly Raceway Park in Indy (ORP), among others. We ahd one of the Mansfield crew (Tim??) over last month for our training at ORP. Got my first IMS duty next week. Stay safe.


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