I have a 7 or 8 year old Dal in need of new home, he is house broke leashed broke and create trained, a really great dog also fixed. He has been an inside dog all of his life with me, he was dumped at my firehouse several years ago and the rest is history. He has become grumpy since the new baby and also not the only dog in the house so with that being said I hate to give him up but my kid comes first. So he would need to go to a home that had older kids that understands not to pull his tall while he eats and when to leave him alone, also needs to be an inside dog. If interested please contact me at aneff@nixafire.org I am located in Springfield MO and if you wanted to come and meet the dog or visit just send me an email. This dog is free as well as his create and bedding.

Thanks again if you have any questions you can post to this thread or email the above address.