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    Default Any info coming out of the peer reviews?

    Curious to see if anyone has heard anything since peer reviews are underway?

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    Curious also. westtexas have you been checking daily of news also?

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    /me crosses fingers.... cant wait..
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    this is the only site where I check.

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    Obviously we won't get much out of the reviews (except anticipation), but going back last year if I'm reading correctly, Peer Review finished 6/22/07 and the first 1199a dropped 6/29/07. They really seem to have streamlined the process after so many years of practice, so several of you might be lucky in the near future. 2008 Peer ended this past Friday.

    Good luck to everyone!
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    Aaaww, now you have gone and done it! Getting hopes up for some positive news from AFG this summer. The waiting part of these grants is definitely the hardest. It is nice to see the process speed up. It looks like they are a full month ahead of last year. I hope that means the 1199a notices will be soon to follow.

    We sure could use the new truck we asked for!


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