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    Default Hallo from Denmark

    Hi all of you..

    just want to say hallo, I'm from Denmark.
    I'm full time FF in the 3. largest town Odense, (in your conty a small town, levs only 200.000 people)

    When ever i got the chance i'm do USAR

    Jesper Rossen

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    Howdy from Kansas.... nice to see this site and all of its usefulness and knowledge is worldwide
    Chautauqua County Emergency Manager
    Chautauqua County Deputy Sheriff
    United States Army Infantry Soldier

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    Hello from Florida. I had the chance to visit your beautiful country back in 2000. We stayed in Ebletoff near some of my wife's family and visited Aarhus and Copenhagen.
    We had a great time and are looking forward to going back someday.

    Tell us about your fire station.

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    Default Hallo from Denmark

    Hi Mike

    Yes Ebeltoft isen't fare awey from Aarhus
    Well the FD in Denmark is a little deferent, from USA.
    I havent bin in the USA before, but still hope to get the chance one day.
    Before I start Ill want to say sorry for me spelling, Im a little better to talk English.

    The normal FD I Denmark got the education, so he/she can handle fire, hazmat, Accident whit cars and basic first aid.

    When an alarm is given for the apartment In Odense, we got 1 minute to go whit 1 captain + 6 FF, if we need more personal, we can call the haft-time FF, thee need to be off in maximum 5 minute 1 + 5. In Odense we got 3 teams off haft-time FF.

    If a call come as fire at building we take off whit:
    - Fire-engine, 1 + 3, this one got the BAs, the hose, the tool for caraccident
    the first aid kit, and 2.200 litters water ect.

    - Water truck, 1 FF, from 8.000 up to 13.000 litters, Beside water it got foam.

    -Ladder, 2 FF, 30 meters for rescue operations, + it brings high rescue equipment for vertical rescue.

    We do have other fire-trucks that we bring for other situations:
    - Hazmat, chemical suit, an all you need for this work.
    - Tender, it got 800 meters off 3 hose for watersupply
    - Diver, we always got 2 skuba-diver at work.
    - Heavy rescue, shoring (Paratech) liftingbags, hydraulic tool ect.
    - We got 4 fire-engine
    - We got 3 Water truck
    - We got 2 ladder
    - boat, pumps an CO2 trailers
    - We got 2 cars for the inspector (site commander)

    My work is a daytime job, where me primer function is education, I got the education to be site commander (inspector), and goes whit this one when I got the time.

    Now I have look a my computer, but find absolute no pitcher of the fire-station, so in this next week I will bring my camera.

    Jesper Rossen

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