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    I live in a small town I Nebraska. I went to all class on the new cars and trucks. My question how do we get in the 2008 Hybrd cars and trucks. and what tools can we use to cut threw. We have on are dept recipicating saw,jaw rams air bag , which they are worth less on the new cars. Also is their a class around Nebraska that I could go to get some answers and learn

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    Thumbs up No tool is worthless...

    No tool is worthless given the abilities and knowledge of the user. All your tools will indeed be useful. Visit some new car dealers and look around, plus ask LOTS of questions to everyone.

    There are many training programs available in various areas. Invest some time into researching them.

    Try visiting as there is useful info on that site regarding new technology. Also, there are other sites as well.

    ExtricationFest is a Texas program that may be of interest to you. Attempt researching that to determine if it may benefit you.
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    They are cars like any other car. The fact that has an electric motor and a bunch of batteries doesn't change how you pop the door.
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    Holmatro publishes a book and CD on new car technology. The publication identfies air bag locations and reinforced areas of the car.

    Whether you like their tools or not, it will be the best 100.00 you spend on resource material.


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    You get in a Hybrid just like any other rig.Just a few other details to be aware of like 700v batteries,associated accessories and the like.You've been given some good resources.Know/learn where the built in roll cages are(if there are any)know the way around them if yiou don't have the equipment to cut thru 'em. Got any car dealers nearby? Call them to arrange perhaps an afer hours meeting between the service dept and your members.Visit a local salvage yard,often you can get some visuals there. T.C.

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    Default Extrication Classes in your area

    Here are some classes in your area:

    Montana Fire Alliance Extrication Class
    June 12-14, 2008

    Cody Fire School
    Every May

    Colorado Crush
    Dates unknown
    Denver area

    Any questions please call.
    Todd D.Meyer
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