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    Default Hand tools customized by you...

    I had read a firehouse or Fireengineering magazine about a year back, where they talked about tweaking your hand tools. Such as axes, pike poles extů the article really caught my attention when talked about wrapping handles on axes so they are not so slippery. we have all the composite tools, which suck in the rain/ice and it really made me wanna do it. My questions to all of you are have you done this? If so what do you use and how do you go about it? I got the OK from my captain to give it a try on a few of our tools to see what we think.

    Any other tips or tricks you like to do with hand tools? If so share them with us!


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    Go to your local sport store and get some hockey tape. It comes in all different colors and holds up farly well. You can make grips two different ways. Wrap the tape around the handle once or twice and then stretch the tape most of the way to the ground. Then take the hanging end and spin it until it becomes tight. Then wrap this around your handle spiraling it from one end to the other. After that, take your flat tape and wrap it over the cords that you have made to cover them. You can do something similar by buying cord from the hardware store. (don't get it over about 1/8 dia.) Wrap that around your handle and them wrap the tape over it. We did this on our fiberglass pike poles at the base about 18" and then another wrap about 2' up from that.(About where a good comfortable grip would land.) The axe, sledge and halligans also got the whole handle wrapped. it really made for a nice grip on the tools.

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    There is a picture of a TNT tool and halligan bar dipped in tool dip and with wire under it. It apparently does a good job with the slipping.
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    We wrap the halligans and roof hook handles, and it works great. I also experimented with the end of a fireman's axe handle, and it seems to be effective as well. I use clothesline cord wrapped around under the grip tape, and it gives a really solid grip and can take some abuse before having to redo it. On the axe handles, wrap the cord a couple of times on the end, or get a piece of rope and put it under the tape. This will keep the tool from flying out of your hand, especially if your working on a roof, or anywhere above someone else.
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