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    Question Selected?

    Hello All

    I have had a active resume on chart for about a year now and I have been updating it regularly, and recently have been selected for a Federal Fire position in San Diego. Under "status of my resume" on chart it states that I have been selected for the position and should be recieving verbal confirmation from a human resources representative.
    Its been a few weeks so I contacted HR and was told that I have been selected, and that it can take up to ninety days for the recruiter to contact me. I understand these things take while and I will wait as long as I have too, my question is should I wait the ninety days or should I contact the fire department just to let them know that I am interested in the position and am waiting for further directions. I do not want to bug, or make them think that I expect anything, I just do not what to get passed over because of a clitch in communication.

    Thanks in advance for your help
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    HRO is the worst in the gov.. I'd give the chief a call and let him know that you still very interested ..Can't hurt

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