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Thread: Do you have these officers....

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    Default Do you have these officers....

    Ones that yell at you and tell you that everything you do is wrong...even though they don't want to show you to "right" way????

    Do they try to make your department something it's not...For example doing High rise training when you don't have a high rise???

    Do they say that they really want you, but make you feel that you shouldn't be on the department???

    I'm doing a paper on leadership, and after speaking to local volunteers in the area, I found these common comments....


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    Always remember in the fire service, respect between personal is a two way street, once respect is earned it is givin, and vice a versa.
    Just my opinion.

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    These types of problems are at every fire department worldwide. You could literally go to any one firehouse and find very similar problems with them all. We do have some of the problems you speak about, but not to the extent that you posted. Some officers are just misguided or too young and immature to handle their role just yet. That's a big problem in my department and it does cost us a lot of frustration and aggravation.
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    In general, no we don't have those issues at my department. We have an excellent set of officers this year. That's not to say that I agree with everything they do or say, but incidents like you mention are the exception rather than the rule.

    I'm curious, especially since this is your first post, did you ask the officers for their side?? They may have reasons for what they did or said. Maybe they did try to show people the "right" way. Training on something different can be a nice change, even if there are no high-rises in the first due, a single drill to show something different may not be a bad thing.

    As kenywood said, these things are a two way street. You may be hearing things from a few disgruntled members. Also, given the opportunity, firefighters will always find something to complain about. How were the questions asked??

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    A lot of fire department's suffer from this, but, as stated in one of the other posts, in the fire service, respect is earned over a period of time, and, the 'old timers' want to get the respect first, and then it is given to the newer guys, just as they will be one day, can't say I agree or disagree with this aspect, the older guys have been there done that on a lot of different types of calls, and they feel that they deserve respect because of all that they have already been through.

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    Arrow Bad officers

    A good officer leads through example and shows people the correct way to do things. A good officer will inspire confidence. A good officer will build teamwork.

    Based on what you said, I think they are not very good officers.

    Of all the departments I train with I really don't experience that problem so based on that I'd agree that what you said is probably the exception rather then the rule.

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    Officers that are insecure or unsure about their own ability tend to command by fear and intimidation because they have nothing else.
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    Bad officers demand respect.

    Good officers earn it.
    "Loyalty Above all Else. Except Honor."

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    Look for the people who are really in charge not by the color of the coat or helmet, but by how many people interact with them on their own free will on a job. Basically, the real leaders will not need a gold badge to say they are in charge..as previously stated in other words.

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    To paraphrase the famous John Wooden, "Some lead out front with a banner, some lead from the back with a whip, some do both."

    Good leaders know when it's time for the banner or the whip. It's kinda like parenting...
    Bryan Beall
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    I can say my department better not have these officers or experienced firefighters.

    Now do we? We do have personnel that instead of fixing issues just scream and yell about them, get everyone else all wound up and then leave. We do have officers that nobody sees unless its a large structure fire and then they expect a title to automatically bring with it the respect and admiration of those under them.

    We are not unlike anyone else out there and are working every day to better the situation.

    Especially in a volunteer company if as an officer you are not training your replacement you are well behind the 8 ball
    To err is human, To forgive divine and at times I am as much of both as you will ever find

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