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    Default Safer grant / Training Room

    Hey guys and gals,

    I am look for any help on applying for a safer grant to setup a training room with desks and computers. Anybody applied for this. I hate to reinvent the wheel if somebody had any success with this I would love to hear from you.

    Steve Chapman
    Long Lake Volunteer Fire Department

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    Do you need a training room - or a lounge that would encourage people to become members of the department, allowing them a space to hang out, watch TV, play video games, relax, get on the internet, etc... Oh, and those same computers that you wanted for a training room could be be the internet computers, and the desks - well, you have to have a place to put those computers! Chairs, couches, bunks, etc.

    Not only would a place like that enhance your stations capablity to RECRUIT new members, it may help to RETAIN those new members, it could help complying with NFPA rules on number of firefighters out on that equipment, as well as time to get that equipment out of the hall.

    Oh, and what a great place for training also!

    (Its all in how you say it....)

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