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    Default Becoming A Dod Firefighter

    i interested in becoming a dod ff and just wondering if i can be lead in the right direction.
    i currently hold an emt, haz mat, ics200, wmd, and wildland cert.
    also i've been in the army reserves as an MP for 5 years.
    and have a pending cert for fire fighter I.(just need work experience).
    will any of these transfer over into the DOD?..
    and what should be my first step...
    Ryan t. Hebert

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    Itís been asked many time before, so Ill jump in since im sure others are tired of answering the same question.

    If you donít have IFSAC or Pro Board certs, then you need to get your certs either transferred or need to go back to the school to get the certs. Depending where you go on the EMT cert, some places want just state or some places just want NR. Iím in a place that wants state, but I keep my NR up.

    What im just going to suggest. Get your IFSAC or Pro Board FF I/II, Haz Mat Ops/Awe/Tech, ARFF FF, and Pumper driver cert. Some places will pick you up with out any certs at all but good luck with that.

    Reserves should give you the 5 points. And if you really want a DoD job apply across the world. Just be ready to move where ever to get the job and get your foot in the door. Donít just apply to the one base thatís near because if you do youíll be waiting for a long while.

    This is just my experience, and what ive had to deal with. So not everyone has ďcookie cutterĒ experiences. You might get lucky and get picked up with just what you have, or you might have to get more then that.

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    hebert, theoretically you could get picked up with what you have as a GS-4 or GS-5 **trainee.**

    Some bases that may need multiple positions right away could hire this way. You will not be making top dollar right out of the gate- You would most likely have to have the certs that shorttimer discussed in addition to at least a year's (if not, more) in each pay grade in order to advance. Being in the reserves will help.

    As he discussed, start getting IFSAC/Pro Board certs- I reccomend to start FFI, FFII, D/O Pumpers, D/O Aerials, D/O ARFF, and the NR EMT-B.
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    if your still in the reserves, try and cross train into fire protection (don't know what the army mos is). that way you get all the basics they will be looking for, and all the upgrades you do for your base, will put you higher up on the pay scale when you do get a slot.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ryguy1 View Post
    if your still in the reserves, try and cross train into fire protection (don't know what the army mos is).
    Thats assuming that the Army Reserve unit is willing or has the money to send you to any kind of advance classes. Yeah youll get your basics, but much more then that might come out of pocket.

    MOS is 21M

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    Default Dod

    hey whats up?

    I'm in a similar position as you. I have been in the Reserves for almost 6 years now. And I'm looking to get hired on a Fire department.

    I interviewed down @ Otis AFB for one of the positions available. But let me tell you right now... you NEED EMT-B and Hazmat TECH as a BARE minumin before they will even look at you. The fire chief was even from my home town and could have definatly helped me get the job. BUT just being Pro board certified was not enough. I have FF1, 2 and Hazmat Ops, as well as ARF and ARF driver operator. But you NEED EMT-B and Hazmat tech...because there are MEDICS that will get the job WAY before you do without the Tech...

    good luck hunting. You might try reclassing to 21m. The army only has like 300 firefighters in the entire army, and we are growing rapidly

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    EMT-B is nice to have, but may not be required at every base. My base requires only First Responder. The other requirements for my base are as follows.

    FF I/II
    Hazmat Ops (Though, it may be Tech now)
    First Responder
    D/O ARFF
    D/O Pumper
    D/O MWS


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