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    Default Emergency and Disaster Supplies

    In light of all mother nature is throwing at us lately I was wondering what equipment and supplies your agency has on hand for disaster situations for your agency and the areas that you serve. By sharing what you have thought of maybe it will help others be more prepared. We have a supply of MRE's, cots, blankets and pillows for our members, and extra two way radios. I have been thinking of a portable generator and light tower. What are your ideas.

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    Thats a good thought.

    I don't think that we really have anything around here for it. I mean we've got blankets and stuff, but no food or anything.
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    I don't really know for sure what we have (our property contains both our fire company and county hazardous materials team), but our county's OEM is actually right down the road from us so I would think that they have those kinds of supplies readily available at their building if needed.
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