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    Default Chief Rusty Thomas announced his resignation..

    Who will be next in Line for the position of Chief? Is this a good thing?
    Bad thing? Will this help with a stronger Department? Just wondering.

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    I saw this on TSL and wondered the same thing.

    I skimmed through the NIOSH report, saw most of the shockers that have been brought up in the thread on here, but didn't pay enough attention to the report or any subsequent articles as far as leadership and command structure went.

    So I'm curious as well.
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    I believe it's the best decision he has made (if he made it????)in the last 11 months. RIP C-9
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    Boy after reading most of the 270+ pages of that report...

    I can see why he gave notice before it came out.

    I hope those guys get some great leadership down there and that the healing continues.
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    The report was a long read. And a tragic one. Marvelous when an incident has no management/control.
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